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Black Baby Doll


We grew up kinda poor... so my mom would go shopping on Christmas Eve a buy our presents..... the only baby dolls that were left were the black babies....

I loved Holly for 5 years - until her arm fell off!!!
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Charlie perfume. (Not exactly weird but, certainly, one of the worst. I WILL NOT wear cheap perfume).
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A Drawing kit. The charcoal pencils didn't work or the graphites! How on earth was I going to use it?
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Eye shadow (all the wrong colors).
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it was a small plastic one?!?
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Great big box of Kleenex. I didn't even have a cold!
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My grandmother doesn't have a lot of money, so she sews the hangers with 2 colors of yarn. It is a weird gift, but I guess it is something useful.
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I have a very "Resourceful" family.....

I received a sweater wrapped in an Apple Jack's Box
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Just about anything my parents got for my s/o and I together. Like matching sweatshirts with rabbits on them.
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Does anyone mind if we now change this to great gifts we just got? I'll start, hoping no one minds!

Krazy (Leezzza, you do it all the time!) Siamese cat slippers! I asked for slippers, and my five year old grand daughter insisted that her mother get me these big, fluffy slippers with blue eyes. They are Seal Points, by the way! They're very warm. Now I'll be known as a crazy cat lady for sure, if I go to the door with these on!
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Lots of chocolate! (Five pounds, 14 ounces, to be exact!)
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Nickelodeon toys. (mom's having empty nest syndrome)
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Ornaments (a tradition in my family)
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Peanut brittle (homeade, from Bill's sister).
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Lord of the Rings DVD--I couldn't think of anything for Q.
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Bath Spa - cushy mat that turns my tub into a mini-Jacuzzi!
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Two Shadow boxes-with miniature Victorian rooms, a kitchen and a bath. They're adorable. I love miniatures!
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U2 Greatest Hits 1990-2000 CD.

Dan knows if U2 is on my wish list, it's the one thing I must have!
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black crushed Velvet skirt I love velvet!
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Wing Nut (

I'm a huge Detroit Red Wings fan and I finally got my Wing Nut hat!)

(Gheez.... I leave for a little while and the whole game falls apart!!! - Thanks Jeanie for picking up the pcs)
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Extra Time to Sleep in!
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Yellow Tommy Hilfiger long sleeved tshirt
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Zippered, Hooded, Sweatshirt!
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What do you like to do when it's rainy, snowing, windy, or just pain "ugly" outside?

A can of cold pepsi (I don't drink tea) and a good book!
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Build a fire in the fireplace and take a nap on the couch! Ahhhh!
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Cuddle up to hubby and watch a good movie!
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E verything I've been putting off, like cleaning. YUK!
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Wear my fat clothing...

(sweats, sweatshirt, socks)
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