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eXtra helpings of everything
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Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting!!!!
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SiZZling Apple Turnovers
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Another walk around the block in 2003 (walking!)
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Beat the nicotine addiction!
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Count my WW points more carefully
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Get more Education.
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Feel better about myself and my appearance.
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I see this post has a lot of pages.

Get out of bed in time to be at work on time on weekdays.
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Kittycuz, This thread just keeps going and going. To find the newest post if you're in the listings, go to the right hand side of the page to the arrow beside the name of the newest poster. Click the arrow, and you'll be at the latest post. Of course, your email notification will take you to the right place also.

Have more patience with my family.
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Insist on finishing things I start!!
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Keeping weight down
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Laugh a little more!
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Make the Most of each day! I need to organize my time more efficiently. I need more time for myself!
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Notice the small thing.... try to be more attentive!
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Only do the right thing. I love your avatar, Super Cat, lhezzza.
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Praise others more
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Quit smoking. (At least, try)
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Read to the kids more often
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Spend more time with my family.....

Thanks Kittycuz (I like it too!!!)
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Talk to the animals, especially cats.

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Use my time more wisely...

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Volanteer at a animal shelter!
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Walk and exercise more often!
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Cant think of any words that begin with X
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I would love to find a class, or use my yoga tapes more often
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Zip my lip when I think about saying something negative!
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How about weird presents you've received?

When I was little, my Aunt gave me an Ant farm but it was a really cheap one and all the ants escaped through the cracks in the bottom of the farm. Doh!
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