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Whisk....as in whisking down a ski slope in Vermont
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Xena (I don't know why, maybe because whisk-swift)
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Zinger! ...the old Dolly Madison dessert cake. As a kid I could remember them always being advertised on all the Charlie Brown specials. The connection is Yodel, the dessert, not the singing.
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A bbadabbas! Yumm all that sticky taffy nougat- best movie candy bar
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Coffee Crisp

Only in Canada as far as I know, but I found some at a dingy little grocery in Fort Worth. Kind of like a KitKat bar, but bigger and of course coffee flavored. Yum!
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Decaf (coffee, that is)
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Eggs to go with that decaf coffee
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French toast, please. Not that I ever eat breakfast, but it's nice to reminisce.
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Grilled cheese
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Hash Browns.... (sticking to the breakfast theme here!!! Not that its really early and Im hungry or anything... :laughing: )
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Indegestion!! (I know I know... Im talking to myself..... Im bored ok?!?!? Shhesh!! ha ha ha)
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Junk food
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Krispies!!! Mmmmmm
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Low Fat
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Moist (I don't know... so don't ask!! hahahA)
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:LOL: Thanks for the chuckle

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(yeah... thanks for leaving ME the "O" sheesh... some people....!)

Orange!!! (bet you didn't see that coming did ya?!?!?)
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Paint (Gotta get off this food thing..I'm getting hungry..produce section here I come )
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(How come I keep getting stuck with the crappy letters?!?! Hmmm?!?!?)

Quarry (as in Quarry tiles... like when you decorate....paint- decorating etc etc etc.... you know.... )
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Ragging - as in painting technique.
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Stencils (HEY ADY!!! )
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Touch up - what the hubby has to do after I paint! (Hey back Rhea!:tounge2
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Unadulterated!!!! Waaaaaaahahahahhaa!!! :laughing: :LOL: :laughing2
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Zealous.....which what you feel during a strong yearning.
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Angst what you feel when your yearnings are unrequited
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