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Adrienne !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am shocked *giggle* I was going to put Nookie on my N one but thought I would offend and you just go right out and put the real word for it. Goodness me!!!!!! LMAO
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Well it is good exercise and alot of fun!
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Back to the game now

Quick walks around the neighbourhood!

(Bundy - don't you think it is good exercise?)
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R - Rowing

Yes I do and it is lot's of fun, but I've been to tired lately from sitting up posting hehehehe!
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Bundy - don't you ever sleep? What time is it there anyway

Sleep is my next answer!
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T-Tap dancing

2am *yawn* now if I just have one more game of diamond mine hehehehe!!!
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Don't try insanaquarium - it is even more addictive - go to bed!

Upper body twists.
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V- vigorous Love making!!

Good night
Sleep tight

I'm gonna go warm my feet on the boy hehehehe!

Be good

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Walk every day. And we don't mean to go walk-about again, Bundylee! Or you'll be spelling that word W-H-A-C-K.
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Xeriscaping the yard.
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In honour of my yearly cleaning........

Annoying drill buzzing in my head!
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Bedside manner ... or should i say lackthereof.
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Cost-for procedures not covered by insurance.
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Decades old magazines in the waiting room.
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Entering the office, trying to look completely assured.(when you're not!)
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Fat doctor, telling me to go on a diet!

(the nerve!)
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Gown, exposing one's posterior!
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Having to pee in a cup.

I NEVER have to go when they ask!!
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Intrusive, Invasive procedures.
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Jell-o......nothing worst than green lime hospital Jell-o!
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Kissing your privacy goodbye.
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Laying in those uncomfortable hospital beds!
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Not having a shred of dignity (at least not when giving birth... )
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Open-backed gowns
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Poking and Prodding, one's Private Parts!
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Questions that make you squirm...
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