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Fat Removed outta my butt....

(sorry was that too much information?!?)
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Getting to see my father again, just for one last time. (he passed away 2 years ago)
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Hope, Health and Happiness for every living being (I'm feeling really sappy this afternoon )
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Infinite peace, love and happiness for those who truly deserve it...
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Just a little bit more spending money!
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Kitties, kitties and more kitties!
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Lots of Love!!!
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Millions of pounds/dollars etc etc etc for EVERYONE!!!!!
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No weight gain with anything you eat!
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Positive Thinking I would wish that everyone would be able to think positively. Then people would be able to solve their own problems a little easier and be able to handle lifes obsticals a little better.
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OOOOPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSS I positively forgot to put in something for O (sorry)
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On call chief!

Personal Masseur
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Oh no, Q again. Well, I'd love a Quiet country house where I could have some sheep and cows and the furbabies could lounge in front of the open fire...hmmm....
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Restful nights :tounge2:
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Tons of money!
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Unlimited finances!
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V ery nice house
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W - Walking in the rain
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Winter Wonderland for Christmas!

It never snows here anymore...not like we used to get when I was a kid. I can remember having many big snow storms every winter, 24 inches or more, drifts 6-8 feet high, staying home from school, making snow angels and snowmen with my brothers and neighborhood friends, having hot chocolate, throwing snow balls, sledding, such fun stuff. Now we are lucky if it snows once during the entire winter and we might get an inch or 2.


Damn global warming!
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Sorry Bundy...we must have posted at the same time!
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OK since Bundy and I were having W thoughts at the same time...I'll suffer through X

X-ray vision! For when it would come in handy!!!
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LOL Sorry about that.
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Yellow Dasies

(I have a brown thumb, and would love to grow something!)
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Just because I didn't do any of the work, I have to do Z. OK, but it's weak!
Zealous word-game playing friends. Now, would card games be OK? Children's and adult, even games that use cards, such as Monopoly. I just can't think of an A !!!
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It's a good idea, but I can't think of an A either...where's Lhezzza when you need her? :laughing: She can find anything!!!
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The aim is to get rid of all your cards as soon as possible. The last player left with cards is called a$$hole, or whatever term of derision is locally used.
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LOL (sorry, I had to pick the worst name!!)

all Fours
All Fives
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