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Barbie!!! (Still collect Barbie, so I guess I haven't quite grown up yet. )
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Coloring book and Crayons!

And I still do!!!
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Erector set (okay so I didn't actually have one, but it's all I could think of for E!!! )
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Fingerpaints! :tounge2:
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Hats (I loved to play dress up!)
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Imagination the best "toy" a kid can have!!
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Jo-Jo: a stuffed monkey and fifth birthday present.
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Kanga - stuffed kangaroo from Winnie the Pooh!
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Lambie (a stuffed lamb I had that played music)
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Magic Markers! (Mom hated when those came out!)

Debbie, I got my godson a Lambie for his baptism! It was a cute little lamb that was laying down, and had a little wind up music box inside. Mel said it was Phillips favorite thing in the world for quite a long time.
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(my mom would buy them from the grocery store.... and those were our coloring books!)
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Toy Organ. I have NO talent, for a musical instrument and drove my mother crazy with this.
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Paper Dolls.--My friend and I had movie stars and singers, child stars, Nancy Drew, any kind you could think of. We acted out stories with them, and couldn't understand why other kids just tried the clothes on and took them off. It was our very favorite game to play. I loved the beautiful clothes the movie stars had. They're harder to find; in fact I had to pay $14 for Raggedy Anne and Andy for my granddaughter; they're considered collectibles now.(R.Ann and Andy) Oh, and we called them cutouts, because very few could be punched out. We actually had to cut each dress. I never cut the side tabs out; I cut them off!
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Q-tips.... yes you heard me right!

My mom was so crafty, (she didn't believe in store bought toys) I still have the Q-tip house I made when I was 8yrs old!
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Rocky the Raccoon, a stuffed animal puppet I had. He's a bit worn around the edges now, but I still think he's cute.
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Socks, the sock monkey (another homemade toy!)
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Tea Set for little girls. My first real memory is reaching under the furniture for a piece of my tea set. I was about 3 or 4. I felt something soft and started pulling it out. It was a cat that had somehow got into our house. That explains some things, doesn't it?
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Uno...the card game
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Ventriliquest doll (doubt I spelled that right...I had one was a clown)
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Water Wiggle. It was a dome-shaped thingy, with a thin, plastic tube that connected to a garden hose. When the water was turned on, it shot all over the place, squirting water. In Arizona, when you don't have a pool, you cool off the best way you can.
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Xylophone - used to love playing it. I had a little wooden one with metal keys. Used to drive my mum crazy LOL.
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Yo-Yo - use to love it and loved the Smothers Bros Yo-Yo man routine!
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The Z ebra Club. My twin sister and best friend made up this club when we were younger. We had a theme song and an oath and all of that kind of stuff. We even paid weekly dues so we could buy stuff. :LOL: It sounds stupid now, but I look back and laugh. :laughing:

Whats next?
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How about something totally different. Something we wish for ourselves or someone else!

Abs (really nice ones for me)
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Balls - Sparkly Balls for Trent and Ophelia (They never have enough!)

I also wanted to state a correction - When we were doing small towns I put down Truth or Consequences, Colorado. The town is actually in New Mexico. Sorry!
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Cadillac, for me. A shiny, red '59 convertible, with a white interior and FINS! (Its my dream car.)
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Dream vacation! For me with all my friends from TCS!
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Enough money to stay home and spend every day with Amber
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