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Garland, Nebraska
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Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida
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Intercourse, Pennsylvania

And no, I'm not kidding. We also have Paradise, Blue Ball, and Virginville.
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I can verify that! We also have an 84 PA !
Jennerstown, PA
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Kaycee, Wyoming
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Lookingglass, Oregon


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Monument, Colorado
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Newton, Pennsylvania
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Ozenkadnook A tiny little town in rural Victoria, Australia.
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Perry, Ohio
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I had a good P, so I'll do both P (since Christy beat me to it) and Q

Punkin Center, Colorado (population approx. 10)

Quartzville, Colorado (I had to cheat and so a search on Mapquest for that one!)
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Darnit Heidi, you stole Q on me! (Quakertown, Pennsylvania)


R - Ransom, Pennsylvania
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Sand City, California
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Gotta do T quick!

Truth or Consequences, Colorado (named after the old TV game show)
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Heidi, you're kidding, right?

There's a tiny town here in Western Australia called Useless Loop. Also, in the Northern Territory (of "A Dingo took my baby" fame) is a town called Umbakumba Community.
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Nope, I'm not kidding. But Truth or Consequences it's one of those "blink and you miss it" towns. It's in southern Colorado.

Valley, Nebraska

(And I have to give a W, but if someone wants to add another one, feel free...)

WAHOO, Nebraska
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Xi An, China. I have no idea if it's small or not, I was just happy to find a town beginning with X!
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It's a big city, but who cares? You've taken on the dreaded letter X and I'll not be fussy.

*sits this one out*

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LOL mate!
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Trustyou Tatcat!!! There you go theres your nickname hehehehehehe!
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TatCat? Hmmmmm...sounds like something you put in the litter tray!
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It could have been worse!!!!!!!1 by the way are you following me????
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You're stalking ME, mate!
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Nah mate I think you are stalking me!!!!!! How about I call you TicTac?
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As in, "your breath stinks, mate. Here have a tic-tac"? Or are you referring to the size of my brain???

Actually mate, I like the kitty litter one!
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Yardly Gobien (Milton Keynes, England)
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Zephyr, Ontario
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Favorite Holiday (any holiday) tradition?
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A chance to go trick-or-treating!

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