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:laughing: :laughing:

you two were on the same wavelength, right down to the guy!
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Velvet...don't ask..thats just what came to mind :laughing:
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just because I can't think of anything else that starts with X
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That was kinda creeeeepy We're on the same page today for sure, Debby :rainbow:
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Haaaaayy...Colby? What about 'W' girl??
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I've shamed myself in front of Deb!
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*hands on hips*

I'll do the W: well-done. That can either be the steak or the way you 2 kept posting exactly alike!

Now, either skip the X or come up with something better than Xanax again.
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ok, x: X-ray, because you look really well done in one.

How lame is that?

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Yup, we're definitely running out of inspiration for X words . . .
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Zinger...for Deb's zinger regarding the xray (btw Deb...I thought that was funny :laughing: )

I think this was kinda fun so maybe we can do another round?? I'll start again with A:

Anaconda..as in the ssssnake <- that was the closest I could get to a snake smilie
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Boa Constrictor
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Hey Bod :girly1: !! Welcome back to the game

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Why thankyou kindly Melissa!

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Elephant...don't ask..its the first thing that popped in my head :laughing2
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Fat!!! ( ok ok I know its not exactly intellectual but.....)
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Jerry Springer
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No!!!!!!!! (hahaha...or of course... when I think of you Ady... the word... Nuts comes to mind!!) hahaha
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OH! (me nuts Rhea? I thought that was you. What gave me away - the white room or the straight jacket?)
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Pain killers!! (Or... specially for you Ady... Prozac!!!! hahahahahaaha.... hmmm.... I think you spilt some coffe on yer nice white strai.... uh.... jacket love...!!!! how many belts you got on that thing girl?!?!? ahhahaahahaha )
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Quick, someone shut the Rubber Room door before these two get out!! :tounge2:
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Rapid!! (we gotta get a move on Ady!! haha) Or perhaps more appropriatly.....

Rabid! *drool slobber*
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Torpedo (is that how ay spell it?!?!??)
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U Boat
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