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Xavier Musketeers
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New York Yankees

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Ok people what is next? Computer games? Book titles? Word association? Bad habits? Somebody pick something!
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The Adventures of Amelia Bedelia

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Bad Love, by Jonathan Kellerman.
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Chances....Jackie Collins
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David Copperfield-Charles Dickens
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Everything you need to know about Hedgehogs....Mathew Vriends
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Fanny, by Erica Jong
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Debbie did your mom really read you a Jackie Collins book

Gullivers Travels
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Hop On Pop-Dr. Suess(Sp?)
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Imagica - Clive Barker
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Originally posted by SpikeAdelika
Debbie did your mom really read you a Jackie Collins book

OMG!! I thought it was just book titles in general!! Sorry!!
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Don't feel badly, Debby. I thought the same thing. Rest assured, MY mom would NEVER read Erica Jong's "Fanny" to herself, much less, to me!
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My mom would have passed out after the first page of a Jackie Collins book!! :LOL:

Here's one she did read me:

Jack and the beanstock...not sure of author.
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I saw Jackie Collins interviewed on TV the other day for her new book and the thought of a mom reading it to a child was quite funny.
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Kick, Pass, and Run, by Leonard Kessler

My Mom Read Me......
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Little Women - Louisa May Alcott
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My mom read me. . .

Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?
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Out Of Africa. I love Africa, beautiful bushveld, stunning animals!
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Peter Pan


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OMG Q!!!

Ummm....Quincy? earthQuake? Queen? Help! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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I can't think of a Q

Robert the Rose Horse, one of my favorites when I was little.
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Dr. Seuss!
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Tom Thumb
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T homas the Tank Engine's

(all the books were great!)
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Debby... go have your baby!

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Not till tomorrow... *wink*
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