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Happy Days
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I Love Lucy
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Joanie loves Chachi (sp?)
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King of the Hill Can I play too?
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Love Boat, The

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Laverne and Shirley (one of the best!!!)
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Oooops! "M"

(I can't think of one right now.....)
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Meet the Folks - very funny!
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No Time For Sergeants. (The movie was better than the TV show.)
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I have racked my brain trying to think of a sitcom that starts with an O. Can't think of a single thing...unless someone else has one, how about we skip to P.

Partrige Family
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On The Rocks (set in a prison, didn't last long)
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Thanks Cindy!! I couldn't think of one!!!

Guess that makes us ready for Q since I did P already....
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Queens, King of

Hee, hee, hee...

That's kind of cheating so I'll do R too...

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That Girl
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I'm going to cheat too, since I don't think U is a very easy one, and I have tried to think of one and can't....so here's V.

Valerie's family (it's an older one)
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Waltons (The) (not sure this really classifies as a sitcom, but it's close)

I'm kinda wanting to keep this moving, so if anyone wants to skip X, (I don't think there is an X sitcom,) if you have an idea for Y, feel free!
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Xena Warrior Princess
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Young Ones--an 80s British sitcom and very funny.
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U = Undeclared
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Z = The Twilight Zone

yeah, yeah.... its cheating

But there are no Z sitcoms!
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Since school is about to start again, and in honor of the teachers on the board, how about:

Things you associate with school.

A pple for the teacher.
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Erasers or English class
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Food, as in that yummy lunch food........
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Geometry class (UGH)!
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Home Economics (depending on where you live, maybe horticulture)
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Ooh! Aah!
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