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Irish Whiskey. (not a food, but close enough... )
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Jamaican jerk chicken
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K Rations! Perhaps they're not "ethnic" in the usual sense of the word; but they are quite distinctive and nowadays (thankfully) nearly impossible to acquire.


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Labneh-if I remember, Middle Eastern yougurt dish

Jeanie-a friend went to Scotland for vacation, and brought home a can of vegetarian haggis. Isn't that an oxymoron?
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Mo-mos - Tibetan stuffed dumplings - either with meat or vegetables and cheese
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Nopalitos - pickled cactus (Mexican)
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By definition, okeefeci, it definitely IS an oxymoron. However, I'm sure I'd prefer it! I have eaten giblets and tripe, (not after I grew up) but my mother never made haggis. It was offered at a Bobby Burns dinner, and my girls and I graciously turned it down, as did 98% of those in attendance!!
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Enough of the euphemisms; haggis is sheep guts and oatmeal - YUCK!
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Here is the definition from allrecipes.com:

haggis (Encyclopedia)

This Scottish specialty is made by stuffing a sheep's (or other animal's) stomach lining with a minced mixture of the animal's organs (heart, liver, lungs, and so on), onion, SUET, oatmeal and seasoni ... MORE

Tripe is the lining of the stomach, and the heart, liver, and kidneys are giblets. My mother, brother, and sister were all from Glasgow, so I wasn't mincing (pardon the pun) words.
I think a Robert Burns dinner is one of the few places haggis is served now, thank the Lord!
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Osso bucco

Some sort of Italian veal dish.
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Paella, Spanish chicken and rice dish, made with saffron.
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Risotto, an Italian rice dish.
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I can't think of any U foods. . .

How about Vermicelli (pasta)
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Yorkshire pudding (skipping x) Rhea says it's heavenly!
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How about things that would make great gifts? Like:
Angora sweater
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Breakfest in bed
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Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries
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Dozens of roses or any other flower
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Engagement ring
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Flowers flowers flowers - big ones, small ones, huge bunches, single wilting ones. My partner knows I go all gooey when he gives me flowers and I smile for the whole week.
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Giant Teddy Bear
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Helicopter ride over Niagara Falls - I always wanted to do that.
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Iceing on a huge cake! (for lack of a better "I" word)
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Kitties. Lots and lots of kitties!
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