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A irforce One! Great suspense
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Breakfast Club

I love the way the different cliques interacted
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Clockwork Orange (Never seen it though..... looks pants!hahaha)
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Dinosaur - we watch a lot of Disney movies around here :tounge2:
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Ever After (Another Drew Barrymore film....sooooo soppy!! Loved it!!)
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Forrestt Gump...who didn't love that movie??
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Groundhog Day (YUP I LOVED F.G too!!!! )
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House on Haunted Hill...scared the crap outta me
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(YAH!! Me too - started watching it at night in bed - had to turn it off and watch the rest in the morning!! What a WUSS!! :laughing2)

Hmmm ok "I" hmmmmm

Indiana Jones and the Temple of DOOM!!! Bwaaaahahaha!!
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Jerry McGuire!!! Loved that movie, especially the line "You had me at 'Hello' " Ahh, the romance...

Bod- I spent most of my time watching House on Haunted Hill through my fingers over my eyes :LOL:
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:laughing: hahaha!! Well if you can have that "J" one... I can have this "K" one... (I mean c'mon?!?!?!? a film starting with "K"?!?!?!)

Kill,- a time to. (Hahahahah!!! Or I kould have had Kaptain Korelli's mandalin right?!?!?! )
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HEY!!! No fair!!! CHEATER!!!! you changed it!! you changed it!!! Now I look stupid!!!!!! ( hahahaha... oh well... whats new!!! hahahah)
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:tounge2: Sorry Bod, I thought of Jerry Maguire(how DO you spell that last name?? ) after I posted FYI everyone, my original answer for a J movie was 'Joan of Arc (actually 'The Messenger') Prrrrrettty lame

Liar Liar- Gotta love Jim Carrey- Hey, hes Canadian isn't he??
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Hmmm I dunno!!! Kould be!!! (hahaha)
Maybe Baby (but that was sooo crap, so Im also adding: Muppets Christmas Carol!!! YEY!!!! )
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Neverending Story! An oldie, but a goodie. I watched that with my kids a while ago and they were as entranced by it as I had been at their age
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Awww schweet!!! (And hey - I'm STILL entanced with it!!hahaha)

O Brother Where Art Thou (sounds crappy - but soooo funny!!! George Clooney is in it incase you wanted to know!! haha )
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Perfect Storm - another George Clooney movie. Ya know, i actually didn't like this movie much, it was cheesy and cliche to me. Especially the line at the end where the guy is floating around in the ocean about to drown : 'There are never goodbyes, Christina, Only Love...'
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Yeah I thought it was going to be better than it was... disappointing...

(the)Quick, the dead and the Ugly.... (Never seen it, though I heard it has Mr Leo DiCaprio in it?!!)

(you whats real sad?... I have actually worked out answers for my letters already!!! hahahah!!! WHAT?!?!? Im bored OK??!??! Sheesh!!! :LOL: )
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You must be working them out ahead of time..Q is a hard one. I think we've officially taken over this thread for the time being! :laughing:

Road Trip!!! OMG, I LOVED that movie. I am a huge Sean William Scott fan..hes just I was in stitches the whole time watching this, its going to be one of my next DVD purchases

Ok, Bod...you're up..
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Soul Survivor ( haven't seen it yet - but am dying to!!! Gees the cinemas over here are SOOO SLOW!!! Hows a girl supposed to veg out properly!!??!? I mean - at least going to the cinema is a good excuse to pig out on popcorn right??!?!)
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Mmmmm popcorn The lower-cal alternative to chips Depending on whether you load it with butter of course

The Sixth Sense. I own it on DVD and watch it every couple of weeks or so..love it
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Mmmm Sweet sweet popcorn... *drool* Ooops sorry... Lemme just wipe that off the screen....hahaha!!!

Untamed Hearts - Old but OMG so sad!!! Balled my eyes out for hours!! Waaaaaaaaah!!! Christian Slater stars....
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Hee hee hee... Well seeing as you're stuck on "V" I shall take this opportunity to go to lunch!!!! Back in an hour!!!
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Vertical Limit
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Good one Adrienne!! I was totally stuck on V

White Men Can't Jump
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Xanado (sp?). With Olivia Newton John. Very retro!
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Young Guns- Keifer Sutherland, another Canadian
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I am doing Z and A

Zebra Lounge with Stephen Baldwin

and one of my all time fav movies
Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai.
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Bicentennial Man- Robin Williams is awesome
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Castaway - Tom Hanks

Haven't seen it, but my friend says it's a good one.
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