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I had an idea, but it may be dumb - how about obscure bands that most people have never heard of. Like the ones that didn't make the Top 40 - alternative types like Gothic, Ska, punk, etc.
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OK, I'll start with an obscure band...

Army of Lovers (dance)
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Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Ambiant (Airy-Fairy) Gothic
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Cat Power — Chan Marshall is awesome!

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(I have one for almost every letter, so if it gets slow I'll pop in. hehehe)

Dead Can Dance - Another ambiant goth-type band. Really cool eastern drums in a lot of their songs.
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Experience Unlimited (EU)

Go-go band from Washington DC. Had one hit with "Doin' the Butt" int the late 80's, but had a lot more than just that.
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Foghat — A mediocre-at-best band which was briefly popular during the good-music drought of the late 1970s.

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Gaelic Storm-the party band from the movie Titanic. OK, well maybe they were part of a popular movie, but...If anyone gets a chance to go see them, do it! They put on one of the most infectious (in a good way) concerts you'll ever see!
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Human Drama - GREAT quasi-goth band. They don't really have a macbre goth sound, and he has this incredible way of touching on whatever emotion you may be feeling in at least one of his songs.
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I think that was me missed out the W and X on the round things - Doh!! Sorry!

I'll catch up one day.

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Obscure band?

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John Lee and Canned Heat Hooker - Blues
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ok - since it isn't moving

Karate - an experiment Rock group
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Lime Spiders

A punk band that a friend of mine loves. He says they're great, I've never heard (of) them before.
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Martha and the Muffins

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This game is too hard for me!!!!
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Naturals, The - 'Mercy Beat' band from England 1963-66 ( as per what a little birdie told me!!!!!)
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Oingo Boingo

Does that count? I don't think they were too mainstream. Part of the New Wave in the 80s.
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They did "Baby Come Back" in 1978
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Queen Adreena (U.K.)


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Reign - Canadian group who just put out their 1st album.
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Shooglenifty-Scottish (I believe) traditional/rock band. Supposedly a favorite band of Tony Blair.
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Tornados - they were a "one-hit wonder", in the early '60s.
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Unto Ashes - Another etherial-type. This is what the website says about their influences...

Their highly original musical style is informed by neo-medieval dirges, dark electronica, experimental music, apocalyptic folk, death metal, harvest chants and German Romantic sensibilities.
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Velvet Empire - Canadian group "made" on the TV show Popstars.
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er, can't think of a W

But the best goth band in the world were X-mal Deutschland

And my apologies for being previous
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Here's a W - yet another Goth band...

The Wake
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Yardbirds, The (Not exactly "obscure," SO SHOOT ME!)


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Come on people - let's finish this up and move on to something new!

Zao - Christian Rock
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Given that today is Canada Day, and Thursday is America's Independence Day, how about anything that reminds you of patriotism or something like that. Can be for whatever country you are from. (This should be easier than the last one...sorry )

All-American Apple Pie
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