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Zours candy
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Hey, Hey, No cheating! What happened to W & X??????

W - Watermelon (some of the one's I've seen planted here are!)
and X- Xmas (comes a'round' once a year!)

What's next???

How about we just go with whatever is on our mind when we see the letter!!! (we were doing that not long ago anyways)

Airplane (I'm thinking vacation.......)
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B = Beach ( i think about vacation and ocean waves)
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Copacabana - the song! It is what pops to mind about vacations for some reason.
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Double fudge sundae ( ady,....I need to find out more about the hypnotist!)
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Eggplant parmesean
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See...now I have everyone thinking food!

Golf (Can't play but a great occasion to work on my tan!)
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Horses! and Hissy.
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Ice cream
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Jumping Jacks (after all of this food......)
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Klymaxx Blues Band (I think it starts with a K)
or Krispy Kreme donuts
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Are we all on the same page here, so to speak?

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No, Mr. Cat, we're not. The computer had a touch of the "stubborns," and wouldn't show the Alphabet Game as it is, but happily showed it as it was. That is, until we got done posting repeatedly, with different letters. I finally gave up. Now--just to be nice, I take back "Entertainment," and add:

Languishing (with the blues, of course.)
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"Melancholy Baby"
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Ocean (back to thinking vacation!!!)
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Q = Quarter
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Tea, oddly enough.

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Vacation ( I really need one now!!!!)
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X games

We are on X right, the last time I posted, something weird happened, and it looked like I don't know my alphabet.

Computers, gotta love 'em.
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You, still missed "W": Winter
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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I think we were at "W"

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Yawn (thats what I'm doing now b/c I'm tired)
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