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Z (can't find anything in the dictionary so I don't think there are any.

I'd still like to do baby names also if it hasn't been done before (for Debby)

But birds & flowers are good ideas too.

Someone lead, I shall follow
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I can't think of a Z.

How about things that are round? Is that one too tough? We could try it....


(okay, they aren't perfectly round, but close enough, huh? )
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Oops...sorry Ghyslaine, I didn't see your post...we must have posted at the same time.... baby names are okay too....we have already decided on Amber, though.
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So what are we doing baby names, things that are round, or flowers?
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I feel bad, I didn't see Spooky's and G.'s posts before I started things that are round...we can do baby names first...that sounds great...i think Sarah already gave us A..

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Debby....so it's a girl!!! yay! (Amber's a very pretty name)

Okay, we'll do round.

Cookie (and this can be a girls name too!!!!! - I wanted to give Debby baby name ideas but if it's picked out and we want to do something else it's okay by me)
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:LOL: This is funny...we keep changing the plan...okay, let's say Cookie is a girls name, and go with...

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OOPS!!!!! Scratch that last post...we are doing round, then! :LOL:

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You people are too funny! :LOL:

If we are doing round...

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My head is spinning (does that count?????) LOL

Hoola Hoop
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Ice (when they make it round, that is)
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Jujube (some are kinda round....)
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N (this pause has been too long.....)

Let me think:

Nightstand (a round one!)
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Orange or Oreo
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Jeanie, what's a Quince???

Rolo (view from above)
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It's a fruit the world could do without! My mother had a quince bush and made jelly from the fruit. I didn't like the jelly either.
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Skittles (the candy)
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Umbrella--an open one.
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Volley ball
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