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Waste - Staind
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Xanadu??? (I think this is an Olivia Newton John song, if not, I pass!!!)
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Yesterday-The Beatles

(Ghyslaine-yes, Xanadu is an Olivia Newton-John song, performed with ELO. I'm embarassed to admit I have the album-on vinyl!)
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Too funny Christy! I went to see Olivia in concert years ago, back in the "Let's Get Physical" age! (you know, head bands, wrist bands, spandex pants and rolled down socks- back then, that was pretty cool!)

Z (I pass on that too- sorry ---anybody for "Z")

But next,if you guys want to do insects (I have issues with these, these days)

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Good idea Ghyslaine!

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LOL good idea G!
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Zippety-doo-dah- Disney's Song of the South
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Yay! Jeanie, and I even know that song!!!!

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Flea-- a tough one for this site!
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(earwigs make my skin crawl!!!)

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I don't think there are any insects that start with J or K.... Least not anything I can think of. I'll skip those letters for now....

Lone star tick

G earwigs creep me out as well.
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Back to J...

Japanese Beetle
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Kissing bug. This is a nasty little creature, that latches on, sucks blood and can carry diseases.
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Night crawler
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While the idea is fresh in my mind. Have we done Baby names yet? Thought that might be a good one for Debby unless the name is already picked out?
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Ormiga (spanish word for ant!)
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Papillon (French word for butterfly)


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Can't think of a Q--anyone else?
Roach- eeeeeuuuwwwwwww!
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S- Spider
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U????? This insect choice is hard. Who thought of this??????
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Can't think of a U or a V, isn't there something called a


How about birds or flowers next?
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Yellow Jacket (There are seldom x's.)
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I can't think of a Z...let's do baby names now, like Ghyslaine suggested.

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