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I thought we were doing authors?
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OMG!!!!! IM SUCH A DUMB ASS!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!! OMG!! Im killing myself laughing here!!!! Geee's sorry people Im a little "backward" today!!!! HAHHAHAHAHAAAA Oh boy... I need help!!!! HAHAHAHAAAaaa..

Oh dear.....ok... An AUTHOR beginning with S

Susan Howatch (My FAVE!!!!)

I'll just crawl back to the corner and stay there this time.....
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Tom Clancy

Don't care for him myself, but hubby likes his stuff.
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Upton Sinclair
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Virginia Andrews
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Walt Whitman
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Xaviera Hollander (wrote The Happy Hooker)
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Yeats, William Butler
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I guess when I wrote Queenie - I did not explain that it started ofdf as a book - god knows who wrote it but it was based on the book! sorry guys!
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Zelanzy, Roger (sci-fi)

Ok what now?
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Ok - geography!

Towns and cities 1st.

Albany New York
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Banff, Alberta

Lovely place although gone a bit touristy now.
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Cheyenne, Wyoming
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Denver, Colorado
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Elgin, IL (that was the only one that I could think of...my brain is slow today).
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Fredricksburg, TX
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Gettysburg, PA
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Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey

(my home town!) :tounge2:
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Indianapolis, Indiana
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Jacksonville, Florida
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Kocomo, Indiana
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Leicester, England!! (pronounced "lester" for some quaint english reason LOL)

That one's for Bodlover!
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Marblehead, Mass.

(My first thought was Manchester, but there's one in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and England, at least, and I got confused )
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Norwich, Norfolk (in England)
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Orlando Florida
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Perth, Australia
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Queens, NY
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Rochester, NY

Gotta start thinking about the next round....how about some type of word association? Somebody starts with A, next person posts first thing they think of (relating to the prior word) that starts with B...and so on. Might be interesting to see where that goes....
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Sarnia Ontario
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Toronto, Ontario!
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