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Good one!
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Shall we continue with something else?
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for a new twist?!!? I kind of liked the artist one, and if we can't think of anything else that's a good idea....
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Artist as in painter, sculpter?

What about athletes?

Maybe historical figures?

How about authors?
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Authors would be kinda cool...

Anne Rice ....The Witching Hour isone of my favorite books of all time, I've read it three times
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Bill Bryson (travel & linguistics writer)

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Chuck Palahniuk !!! (he wrote Fight Club & Survivor, Choke & Invisible Monsters)

highly recommended

thumbs WAY up
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Richard Bachman
aka Stephen King
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Dave Pelzer

another highly recommended author

he wrote "A child called It" "The lost boy" & "A man named Dave"

all of which are non-fictional accounts of his life & abuse he suffered as a child,
recorded to be the third worst case of child abuse in California...
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ooops...wayyyy too slow!
ok, Dean Koontz...my other fave!
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Emily Bronte

(Wuthering Heights, of course!)
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F. Scott Fitzgerald
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sheesh, I give....either I type too slow, or this 56k is too pokey! :LOL:
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lol Cleo, we responded at the exact same time
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authors is a wonderful idea
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I see that now, I'm trying to get ready for work, and type with 2 cats vying for position on my lap...so I'm a bit slow!

Hey Blue, I keep hearing mention of a Child called It, and the series, sounds like something I'd enjoy....are they relatively new or can I find them at the library?
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i'm not sure of when they came out, i only just heard of them a few weeks ago, and Cameron has my copy, but they have the series at our Library, so i'd give it a try.

it's well worth it, but, very emotional - it's hard to read.

i cant wait to get the sequels...
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John Grisham..I've read a few of his and liked them
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Helen Keller....she did do her own autobiography...
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Ireland, Jill did her own autobiography as well
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Who can ignore J K Rowling, of Harry Potter fame?

I must also add J D Salinger, as Catcher in the Rye was the only book I was assigned in high school that I actually read.
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King, Stephen

bow to the master!!! (him not me)
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Louis L'Amour, not that I've ever read even one of the westerns he has written
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Miller, Arthur, aka one of the former Mr. Marilyn Monroe and auther of The Crucible
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Norman Mailer
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Orville Wright, not only are he and his brother responsible for being the first in flight, but he also wrote several books about the experience.
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Barbara Parks. She writes children's books: Junie B. Jones
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Queenie - a movie about an anglo indian woman who is not accepted in India and not accepted in England. I think it was set in the 50's
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Rice, Anne
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Superman!!!!! (Christopher Reeves)
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