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Could we broaden this to breakfast foods? How about
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F rosted Flakes
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Golden grahams
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Instant Oatmeal
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Krispy Kremes!!!!!
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Nabisco shredded wheat.

(okay, I cheated there a little)
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O atmeal

Jessica - I saw your M answer and thought OMG Don't Eat Sandie's Kitties! :LOL: I spend way too much time here...
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LOL no no no not the kittens silly... Unless they're rolled in cinnamon... MmMmmMmMMmm....
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Rice Krispies!
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Sugar Pops

(or this that Sugar Smacks...I forget the name, it's sugar something...)
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We left out the "Q": Quaker Oats
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I left out Q, I guess I need to review my alphabet.
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Unbuttered toast. UGH!!
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Waffles - with strawberries and whipped cream!
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According to Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, there are no foods starting with x, so let's quit feeling guilty about leaving it out!
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Zucchini. Yummy.

What next, have we done horse breeds yet? I'll start with my favorite

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Bay (I know it's a color, but I don't think there are 26 breeds-well, not that we would know)
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I don't know any horse breeds either.

How about if we use any horse related expression or anything having to do with horses here?? Would that be okay? It might broaden the field a little.

Cantor.....not sure how to spell it, but isn't it something like a trot?
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Dappled grey
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European Warmblood
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Not really back online yet, but had to chance to poke around for a minute, just wanted to say I'm so impressed that this thread is still going!
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Can't think of an I

John Henry, racehorse who won many races, even as he got older.
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