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"You will never catch me" teased Oscar.

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"Zippity-doo-dah, zippity-ay, watch me, watch me, running away," caroled Xerxes.
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All the other kittens cheered and laughed as Xerxes and Oscar flew around the room.
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"Bravo! Bravo!" thundered the really-big strange cat who suddenly appeared. "You play well, little ones! Someday, you'll be big and strong like me!"

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"C an it be?" stuttered Xerxes, in awe. "Is it...SuperCat?"
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Don't be silly - it is just hobo-cat!
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"Excuse me, little ones, I am a knight of the road, NOT a hobo!"
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"F riend, have you come to teach our little ones how to be wise grown cats while retaining their kitten-like zest?" asked their mother.
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Grinning from ear to ear, the large grey tom cat turned his attentions to the beautiful Gretta, his eyes gleaming with interest.
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"Hello, lovely lady," said the tom, with a leer.
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"I'm pleased to meet you," replied Gretta cordially. "And I'm sure my husband, Balthazar, would like to meet you as well. Before we settled down, he was a 'knight of the road' too."

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"Just passing through, my dear lady-no time for that; however," he purred, while curling his whiskers, "you are here now....."
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Kibbles, the littlest kitten, broke in, "Tell us about the road! Mommy won't even let us venture outside of the yard," she said with a pout.
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Like an old-time storyteller, the "hobo cat" made himself comfortable and began to speak.
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Many years ago, when I was a young cat, I was asked, rather impolitely to leave my home.
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None of the humans that loved me so much as a kitten wanted to take care of me anymore.
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"One thing followed the next, as I learned the hard realities of life out of doors. Believe me, it was a challenge to survive from day to day! Other cats weren't always glad to see me, hunger gripped my body, nights were cold. And there were dogs, always dogs, chasing me and hollering at me whenever I came too close to human homes. But I learned to cope with all these situations and more. I became a good fighter, in order to defend myself. I learned how to hide. I became a very fast runner — and I learned to hunt. Don't ever leave home, kids! Most cats put out of doors weren't as lucky as I. Things can happen out there which aren't very nice.

"But, in all honesty, I must say there were joys as well. I met a number of wonderful lady cats. I fell in love! I made friends with some guy cats too, which comes in handy when you're living outside. You must learn to respect their territories; and I learned, the hard way. Anyhow — I spent many long and pleasant hours basking in the sun and soaking up the wonderful sights, smells and sounds of nature. The years went by and my travels continued apace. But, my little friends, I'm tired just now and I must sleep for a while. Please excuse me."

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Pleased to hear the older cats story, the kittens decided to leave him be, so he could rest.
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Quietly and quickly, Gretta rounded up the kittens and whispered, "We must let this knight sleep now if we want to hear more about the road. Snugs, run and tell your father about our exciting guest."
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(Hey, guys! I waited all day!!)

Racing on their little velvet paws, the kittens giggled and purrmeowed the news to their daddy, Balthazar, who stretched, yawned, and then asked the kittens to describe this fascinating stranger.
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"Silly kittens," Balthazar said laughing. "Didn't that 'knight of the road' tell you who he is? He is nothing if not my brother!"

(Jeanie - I have to say you have a wonderful way with words. Same with you, Mr. Cat!)
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Tails pointing straight up in the air behind them, the 8 little kittens looked up at their father, their blue eyes filled with intrigue. "Tell us more poppa!" They begged.
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"Uncle Ted and I were from the same litter and we were both thrown out on the streets. But luckily, I found a family of my own. Maybe your uncle can stay."
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Vigorously scampering and mewing with joy, the little ones hurried back to tell the good news to Mother and the "Knight."
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Wiggling their little bodies with glee, they all spoke to their mother at the same time. "Mamma mamma, guess what, Poppa said uncle Ted can stay. Can he, can he, can he? Oh please, oh please, oh please!"
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"X-actly whatever do you mean-- Uncle Ted? Who is Uncle Ted and where is your father?", Mother asked her little ones.
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"Yes, children, Uncle Ted may stay, as long as he wishes," replied their mother.
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Z end

Now what should we do? Someone suggested breakfast cereals earlier...I think it was Sunlion, but not sure...so here goes...

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Berry berry kix
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