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I don't think there is one for the letter X?? Maybe I'm wrong but I'll skip it and if anyone can think of one might as post it. I'm kind of curious... hehe

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I think Z will be hard to get too...but maybe somebody can think of one...I sure can't.
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Zebra finch

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Hmmm. What shall we do now?
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I was wondering the same thing. I can't think of anything good.:tounge2: It's Friday night, my brain is fried.
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the first thing that came to mind was names of breakfast cereal, but then I couldn't think of an "A" so that didn't seem too good.

Then I thought, what if we pick a topic we've done before, but go backwards, start at Z?

I just hate to let this thread die, it's so long!
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Let's do a little story, with each post using the next letter of the alphabet as the first letter of the first word of the next sentence.

All the cats in our neighborhood were having their mid-afternoon naps, basking in the warmth of a springtime sun.

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Balthazar, the undisputed top cat in the 'hood, rolled over, stretched and cocked a brilliant green eye at his ladylove.
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Cuddling next to one another, they all notice Balthazar's smooth move toward his lady and became jealous.
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Dark and sleek, he curled himself around her and oh so gently touched his nose to hers
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Elegantly, she arched her back and rubbed her face against his.
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friends ?...no. They acted as if they were much more than friends,
thought the others.
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Gretta, a stunning long haired calico with the brightest yellow eyes, purred softly with delight as she sat back and gazed at Balthazar, her eyes saying it all....
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Her sigh was long....
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Into this scene of potential feline bliss walked a little kitten: "Mommy, Daddy, you're looking at each other that way again!"

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"Just you never mind! exclaimed Gretta, putting a protective paw upon Balthazar's hairy chest.
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"Kid, when you are old enough, you'll want to have a lovely lady like this for yourself," said Balthazar.
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"Like, no way," he said confidently, "no girl is going to have that much power over me."
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Making a face as he said that, the 8 week old kitten turned his rear to his parents and padded away, his focus on the gang of similar aged kittens wrestling around a few feet away.
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Nuzzling against each other, they watched their kittens play. "They grow up so fast!" said Gretta.
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Oscar, the kitten, joined his friends and said to them in disgust "Adults!"
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Purring Playfully, Gretta padded softly over to the kittens...
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"Quiet down now children", she said.
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Round blue eyes stared back at her innocently as the kittens answered, "Who, us? We weren't making any noise. Honest!"
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Softly she whispered "but your father is trying to sleep now"
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"Tag! You're "It", said Oscar, as he swatted one of the other kittens.
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Unless you're really fast, you'll never catch me, he said, running off.
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Visciously, the kitten ran after Oscar hoping to catch him.
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"Whoops! I'm slipping!!!!" cried Oscar as he crashed into a wall and then erupted into giggles when his sister smacked him back to make him It again.
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"Xerxes," said Oscar, "You're next!"
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