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X -Men
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Young Riders
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How about pet's names? (Preferably, some pet that you know or knew at one time)

Andy - my friend's parent's little white poodle.
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Babe (one of my neighbors dogs at one of my old houses)
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Dog - my friend's cat's name
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Excalibur - Adymarie's kitty! (I cheated - it's in her signature!)

Felicia Marie Piddo Ditto Volk - My family's dog when I was a teen. She had enough personality to support all those names (She was a pit bull/everything else mix. When people would ask my dad what kind of dog she was, he would just say "a little black one." I still really miss my little Ditto dog! )
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Fred - Sunlion's kitty
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Gus-my brother and sister-in-law's Bull Mastiff they had to put to sleep over the Easter holiday because he had lymphoma.
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Heidi - my friend's mother-in-law's cat. They thought it was hilarious that I had the same name as their cat.
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Ivo-my kitty!
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Julie....my step-daughters Bishon's name.
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Keiji - AngelZ's ferret! (I'm getting to know all of you guy's animals too well! )
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Lexus- Brian's friend's cat's name.
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Mojo - my friend Nancy's Border collie
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Natala- My Labrador!!
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I know it is back tracking a little, and there is already an "M",
but I just have to include my favourite Haflinger pony's name here,
MUNA, as she was retired to Wales, in January, and I am still heartbroken over her moving so far away.

Ok, you can carry on now !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Nuri wasn't a companion animal in the usual sense of the word. He was a Siberian tiger whom I helped care for at the Washington Park Zoo on weekends back in the 1980s. Nuri was an older guy and hard of hearing, so the senior feline-keeper (whom I assisted) had to blow the "chow's on" whistle loud and long before Nuri would appear in the doorway.

Nuri was a friendly guy who'd rub his face against the bars of his indoor enclosure whenever I was nearby; so when the senior keeper wasn't watching I'd rub Nuri's face — and he loved it! Nuri has long since been in heaven, but I'll always remember him as a dear friend whom it was an honor to know.

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Opie - my big fella
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Pasho - a former kitty of mine.
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Queenie - German Shephard of a guy I used to date

Mr. Cat! What a sweetie of a tiger he was, too. I can't believe he used to ask to be petted on the face like a housecat. Did he purr? It must have been fabulous to pet him like that.
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Yeah, Nuri was a sweetie and it was great knowing him! No, Panthera cats don't purr, as the relevant bone in their throats doesn't flex the way the relevant cartilage does in Felis cats. However, Panthera cats do have a vocalization for that "bliss" scenario (which sounds like a human's gruff throat-clearing) which is repeated at a lesser frequency than the Felis cats — so it doesn't have the nearly-seamless quality we associate with purring.


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Ruger, one of our German Shepherd Rescues......
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Sampson- my Persian

Scooby- my Rotti/Ridgeback

Sasha- my friend's Rottweiler
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Tigger-mt friend's cat
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Tiger - a twenty-pound yellow tabby, my mom used to have.
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Don't know if this counts or not, but I couldn't think of anyone's pet that starts with a U...Ulysses (a dog in one of the V.C. Andrews books that I'm reading).
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