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It's a combination of contradictory words
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Be Yourself.......Hmmmmm....don't know about that one...don't know what oxymoron's are either!
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Criminal justice
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Boy this is a hard one!!! I mean, I know what an oxymoron is...it's two words that go together that we use often in the english language, that are actually the opposite of each other....but...I can't think of one for C!!!!!!
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Oh Melissa, that's a good one!!!!
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Doing nothing
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Dimwit. (that's not a very good one, but it's all I can think of. )
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My gosh your good at this!!! And you beat me again!!! :LOL:
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Okay, after frying my brain trying to think of an E one, I'm going to skip to F if that's okay...we seem to be stuck.

Front End
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Good beating

Or at least that's what your parents called it.
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Emergency waiting-room

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Happy warriors

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Happy birthday--it depends on your age, I guess
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Icy hot
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Jumbo Shrimp
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Keep Trying
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Live recording

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Mandatory option
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New and improved (if it's improved, it can't be new )
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Old news
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Passive Aggressive

When I was young, we knew this elderly lady whose name (for real) was Patience Hasty. I always thought her name was quite an oxymoron!!! :laughing:
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Quiet Riot (anybody remember that band?)
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Debby, You are really good at these! My list consists of free gift and military intelligence:tounge2:

Now I laugh when I hear Quiet Riot, they seemed so cool back then. C'mon feel the noise. . .
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Rapid transit
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Safety hazard
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Oh boy! I finally thought of one! (I was trying for M - Microsoft Works)

T ruth in advertising
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LOL Heidi Microsoft works would have been a good one.
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I don't know if this is one or not...

Sugar and Spice
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Heres a better one:

Second Best
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True lies
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