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I don't either
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I think adymarie means WORD association. If so, my response to "abracadabra" is "Ballantine". (He was a magician/comedian)
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Funny - I was thinking about suggesting this same thing only I kept missing the end of the alphabet!

OK, so we have...


I'll steal from Cindy's post and say

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Hairy :laughing:
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Icky (sorry, it was the first thing that came to mind! Hairy chest is one thing, hairy gut is something else altogether!)
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Jelly. (okay, Jelly is STICKY not ICKY...but it's all I could think of!! )
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Mr. Cat, Thanks for the scoop on Tora! Tora! Tora! I didn't know about the Kurosawa connection. I taped it from a movie channel, either True Stories, or Action channel, so I hope it is not chopped up as you said the video is.

It has to be better than Pearl Harbor. I love Ben Affleck, but that movie was soooo bad.
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Bren.1, I didn't watch Pearl Harbor either. I was going to, but then word spread that it was a love story. A love story! Tell that to the airmen, civilians, marines, sailors and soldiers who died that day.

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Mr. Cat, It was a love story, and not a very good one I like my love stories to be love stories, and my war films to be war films. The best part of the whole movie was the Japanese attack, but you can't even look at that too closely, because of the historical inaccuracies. You are smart not to see this movie.

I know some people really enjoyed it, but I agree that servicemen probably were scratching their heads over it.
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sorry about the typo!

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Stew :laughing:
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gotta add, I actually LIKED the movie Pearl Harbor
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W atermelon (Ok, I don't think it is actually a veggy, but this is word association!)
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X-tra big!!! (watermellon that is)
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Zebra cakes

Ok since I finished the last game I might as well start the next. Why don't we go with oxymorons.

Act naturally
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I don't even know what an oxymoron is. That tells you how much I know.
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