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Welsh Corgie and a Whippet
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Xoloitzcuintli and yes this is really a breed of dog!
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Dear Hissy, Gesundheit!!! Now, do you have a "x" dog, or not?
If not (poor Hissy; I don't think she's feeling good, probably coming down with a cold), Yorkshire Terrier for Y
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LOL Funny lady!! It was hard to spell! It is a Mexican Hairless dog except it has no tail.......no comment.........LOL

Since there are no "Z" dog breeds, how about we do Zoo Animals?

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B= bear
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C = camel
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We were checking out the cougars at the zoo one time and one of them was actually purring. It sounded like a Honda! It was really cool, though.
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Oops! Posted at the same time.

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Fox- Too easy? Well, I never saw one outside of a zoo!
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G = Giraffe

Only see those in zoos around here, too . . .

You know, I was reading about how lions make a low rumbling noise that is almost too deep for humans to hear and how all those animal experts can't figure out why, and the first thing I thought was duh! They're purring. That cougar story reminded me of that.
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We have foxes around here. I saw one on the way to work darting across the road! There is a big field behind my dad's house where he goes walking, and he keeps up with the family of foxes out there. He was all excited one year because they had kits and he was able to hide and watch the little ones out playing.
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Whoops! Your dad's lucky! I'll think for a while.
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I know people keep them as pets, but I couldn't think of another I animal.
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K = Koala
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Can't think of anything for N so I am moving onto O.

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Panda Bear
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Can't think of Q so here's R...

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I have a "Q": Quetzal bird
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Siberian tiger- wish I could have one as a pet but with the risk of me being his lunch I'll pass.
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t ucan bird.
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Unicorn - in my imaginary zoo anyway! LOL
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Hec if you can have that - I can have:

Vole :LOL: :LOL: - not that I've ever seen one in a zoo!!! hahahaha :LOL:
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Hmmm can't think of an X sooo moving onto Y...Ummmm

Yak!!! :laughing:
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Zebra - okedokey - what is next?
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