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Jabot at the window
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Jute basket (kind of like sisal)
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K for Kewpie Doll
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oops! double post! trying again . . .

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N ickel (in the couch Hubby came up with that one!)
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Old, outdated object

Everybody has one, a thing of some kind that you don't really like or doesn't match your decor or maybe is even ugly, but you hold onto for sentimental reasons (mine is a wooden carving of Don Quixote that my aunt, who lived in Acapulco at the time, sent to my dad one Christmas)
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P iano - OK, I don't have one but my parents do! Wish I could even find the space in my living room for a piano!
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Quilt (on the couch)
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Radio - as part of the stereo / entertainment center
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S ofa

Kitty has discovered the joys of running back and forth across the top of our sofa!
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Every home should have one!

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My bloke has a bad habit of stripping when he gets home and leaving his undies on the lounge room floor... men!
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Unplugged lamp (I never seem to have enough power points!)
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V = Vase
W = Window
X = Xylophone ( this was my mother's suggestion, apparently her friend has one in her living room ! )

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Yesterday's newspaper- of course I'm cheating, but it's no worse than an unplugged lamp! or a xylophone!
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Zippers on chair/couch cushions! (OK, I'm cheating too but Z is so hard to come up with a good answer!)

What should we do next????
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I was just thinking...I wonder if they have a world's record for the longest thread in a forum. This one may do it!

How about we do things that are World Records.

A ge
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T oys all over the floor. My furbabies love their catnip toys.
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Cat's age (Charlie in the News thread made me think of that!)
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daisy :daisy:
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Eat-You know, like the Hot-Dog eating contests and Stuff?
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biggest Feet
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Going without food (surely there's a record for that, somewhere)
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Highest building
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Ice sculpture (the biggest)
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long Jump
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longest Kiss
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Longest time underwater
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