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Ivan the Terrible
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King James I
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Kubla Khan
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Lincoln, Abraham
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James T. Kirk
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M onroe, James OR Madison, James (former presidents)
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Oswald- I can't remember his last name, but he is the guy responsible for JFK's death.
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Queen Anne
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Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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terms of endearment
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Vergil, author of the Aenead
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I can't think of any Historical Figures...
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William the Conqueror
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St Francis Xavier

- not the one from Asisi, can't remember what this one did

Or if you'd rather:

Xaviera Hollander, author of The Happy Hooker way back in the 70's

I suppose she's a historical figure by now . . .
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Yung, Karl- the theory of the collective unconscious
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I can't think of a thing for Z. I always get here on the crappy letters... :LOL:

How about we skip Z, and start a new theme???

How about things we might find in a person's living room?

And don't say something like Tiger for T, let's keep it somewhat real... :LOL:

I'll start...

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Blinds (as in window blinds)
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Cat (everyone should have a cat in their living room, dontcha think?)
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Just one cat? No! At least four or five

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Hassock-a large footstool
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Oh boy...I can't think of a thing for I??? Anybody have one? We are doing things found in a living room.
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Okay, for lack of anything better, how about....

irridecent lights ( I know I misspelled that word)
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