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I want to meet Sergeant Preston of the R.C.M.P. and his wonder dog King!


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Liberace's Museum in Las Vegas
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I was a bit late with the "K" suggestion.

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I just can't seem to catch up here!

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Manzanillo, Mexico. Ms are the easy ones. I can think of several places with M. Put I've been dreaming and I am homesick for Mexico so I will think mostly about those.
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Better late then never Mr. Cat

Never neverland
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Puerto Vallarta! I've also been thinking about the mexican beaches so bare with me.
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Hey, Mr. Cat, Jump in here! They forgot O!!!
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We seem to have trouble lately with letters going MIA :laughing:
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Sorry! I am waiting for X. I have a great one so hurry up and get down to X.
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Quebec, Canada
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Rome, Italy

...thats the place I want to go more than any other. Now that the kids are getting older I may have to put a plan into the works so hubby and I can go
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Pacific islands- (I think you forgot P) Hey, Mr. Cat, where are you?
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I just love to see his Sylvester logo!
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Sea World.
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P was done before O so we went straight to Q..does that make sense? :confused3:

Anyhoooo....I'm going to do T

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Sorry - I was trying to pick up on the next letter from where we left off. Bad alphabet day, I guess.

Don't know if I would want to go with the current political atmosphere, but...

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It wasn't your fault Heidi- I just meant that I was explaining it in a confusing way thats all

Volcano- I'd love to see a volcano, any one, up close (as long as it wasn't active!! :laughing: )
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I wasn't taking offense or anything, just that it did get pretty confusing. I think we are all back on track now...and I think we all know our alphabet :tounge2:

Washington DC - never been there and would love to see all the historical stuff!
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Xian, China
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I still want to meet Sergeant Preston of the R.C.M.P. and his wonder dog King.

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Zambia..just cuz :rainbow:

Ok...now what? How about Historical figures?

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(See signature block, below.)


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Grant (Ulysses)
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