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Irish Wolfhound, the largest dog breed.
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Jack Russel Terrier- I love those dogs!

By the way, aren't great danes the largest dogs in the world? Second is the Irish wolfhound?
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What about the Newfoundland? When we lived in Canda some people we knew had one. It could stand up on its back legs and put its front paws on my 6'4" stepfather's shoulders and its body was only at a 45 degree angle. And it was built like a St Bernard, all barrell-chested and hairy, must've weighed 200 - 250 lbs. Not as tall as a Great Dane, maybe, but definitely a huge animal!
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Labrador Retriever
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Norwegian Elkhound
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Can we skip O??? I can't think of anything for O??? I have one for P though....
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O is for Old English Sheepdog. For those who have a hard time, go to AKC Dog Breeds By the way, there are no Q's or X's so go ahead and skip them.
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Sure, there's a "Q" - Queensland heeler, now known as the Australian cattle dog.
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Thanks for interjecting that Katl8e :rainbow: I wasn't aware they were once called that

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Terrier - any kind you like!
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*sneaking in..* sorry to butt in here people..... I don't have one for V but I just wanted to say that the Wolfhound is generally bigger than a Great Dane.... hahahaha!! Thats all folks!! hahaha *sneaking out*.....
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Thanks, Bodlover. I have a "V": Viezla (sp?)
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Ooo good one Katl8e!!! I forgot all about it!! Ok... W

Weimaranar (not sure of the spelling on that one either!! ha ha )
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Yorkshire Terrier
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I couldn't find one for Z. So, what should we do now??? How about places to visit (citys, states, countries, national monuments, etc.)

A ruba
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Bolsover, Ontario
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Ahhh, Cancun and Cozumel, Mexico
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Denver, Colorado - always wanted to go there!
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Eiffel Tower in Paris (Does that count??)
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Far away from here :laughing:

Seriously though...

Florida (Disney world and Seaworld mainly- haven't been there in 12 years and I'd love to take my kids )
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Hawaii (I would love to see the volcanos - from a safe distance of course!)
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Melissa - I like your first answer for F. That's where I want to go, too!
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Inca Ruins
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Jamaica, mon
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