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Yasmeen Bleeth (slaughtered that one too...)
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:LOL: I thought of Cugat too, but he was a musician...and male :laughing2

Heres a female X...Xuxa...she was Pele's (soccer player) girlfriend, and a Brazilian actress.
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I thought of a Q - Queen Latifa

Zoe Wanamaker - I know her from a bunch of stuff, but most recently she was the Quidditch coach in Harry Potter
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Woohoo! :homer: Good job on those Allison

Now fictional TV characters....

Ally McBeal
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Betty Rubble
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Clifford the Big Red Dog :LOL:
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Donald Duck
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oops, double post!

Eddie Munster
Edith Bunker
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in honor of 13 oscar nominations for LOTRs!
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H oss Cartwright- you didn't say if they had to be living or not.....miss the big ol guy!
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Harry Potter


Indiana Jones
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Judy Jetson
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Klink, Colonel

I just had to...
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Lost Boys.
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Mighty Mouse
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Maryanne from gilligans Island
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Oops...posted at the same time!!
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Nerville from Garfield...(I think that's his name)
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Ned Flanders (the Simpsons)
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Oswald the Octopus

(It's on Nick Jr. Told you I'm up on all the kid's shows!)
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Peter Pan
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I can't think of a thing for Q...
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Ok, what happened to my movie thread ?!

what are we doing now, tv characters ?! their tv names or real names ?!

(i'm confused... i confuse easily people !) :confused2

about movies though, has anyone seen Amelie ? i heard it was one of the best movies of the year,
i really want to see it but it hasnt come here yet...
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How about Captain Queeg? Or Quiquog from Moby Dick? Or Qui-Gon Jinn from Star Wars? (not sure about the spelling on that)

blue, we went through movies twice, moved on to actors, then actresses and now fictional characters. I suppose we could go back to movies . . .
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Roper......as in MR. Roper from threes company.
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i am not as good at thinking of fictional characters...

but i like the idea of going back & forth
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Scooby Doo!!
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