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Flyers (Philadelphia)
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Golden State Warriors
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Green Bay Packers
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Icedogs ( a local Hockey team- my brother in laws play on it )
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Jersey Devils ( I know there should be a "New", but I always just call them Jersey)
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LA Kings
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That one covered both K and L

Minnisota Twins
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Wow, I guess it did cover both K and L. I didn't even plan that!

N ebraska Cornhuskers
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Orlando Magic
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Thank you. I was waiting all day for P, one of the few I know:
Pittsburgh Penguins
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I can't think of any Q's so I will go straight to S.
San Antonio Spurs!!!!!! Hope they win the playoffs!
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Sorry, I don't know where my mind is. I do know my alphabet.
R for Red Skins
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Sun Devils
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I'm gonna cheat on U!

University of ...(fill in the blank)
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Val- I can help you with this one. Univeristy Of Utah Utes!
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Good one! Triple points!
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University of Arizona WILDCATS!
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Team Xtreme...A wrestling tag team, otherwise known as The Hardy Boyz. Sorry, But I Couldn't think of Anything else.
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As a Southerner, this rubs me the wromg way but - Yankees (shudder)
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ok cheating here!

Zambia Olympic team
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Oakland A 's
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Blue Jays, Toronto
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My turn. Let me see.... how about dog breeds.

A Alaskan Malamute
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Are we doing sports teams or dog breeds? Heres one for each:
B eagle

C ardinals
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Well, I'm confused too. So, I'll try C and D just in case:


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Well...to straighten this out, we might as well continue on with dog breeds.

Eskimo Spitz
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French bulldog
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Golden Retriever - my favorite
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