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I Was a Teeneage Werewolf! (A camp classic)
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The Jungle Book
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The King and I (Warner Bros, 2000)
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Little Mermaid- one of my favorites
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Mary Poppins
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Never Say Never Again - a James Bond movie
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Oliver and Company
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I thought we were on animated movies?!

The Nightmare before Christmas
The Old Man and the Sea (1999)
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Oops - overlapping posts! Sorry, Oliver and Company is animated, of course - it was the earlier ones I was replying to!
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The only thing I could think of is Quazimoto in Hunchback
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There aren't any Disney animated movies that start with Q, so heres an R: Robin Hood
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Found one!

Quest for Camelot (Warner Bros, 1998)
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... and Sword in the Stone ...
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S Swan Lake
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Song of the South was, partially, animated.
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Under Milk Wood (1973), an animated film of the Dylan Thomas book.
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Veggie Tales movies- biblical stories told in cartoon style with animated Veggies So cute!
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Winnie The Pooh
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The Yearling!
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Was the Yearling animated? And the X-men movie I know certainly wasn't - did they make an animated version?
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There is an animated X-Men ... Yellow submarine ... Zoot cat (1940s sometime).

Isn't anyone playing any more?
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I think that those last few were too hard. Way to go Beryl!

How about sports teams names (Professional or local)?

(Colorado) A valanche
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When it comes to sport I'll just have to watch from the sidelines ... Ah doesn't know nuffink about dat, Massa! I'll just watch until you get to the next one ...
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Chicago Cubs
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Edmonton Oilers
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