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LOL-Valan, it looks like we had the same idea!
Heres one for D

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Ft. Worth
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Inverness, Scotland
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Los Angeles
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And here's the K that got forgotten:


One of you Michigan people is probably going to have to correct my spelling.

Am I teaching the alphabet wrong at school? We are always the last ones to get updates on current trends in education.

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Montreal, Quebec

We were at M right?? Ok..now N
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Sorry, My fault. Its too nice and sunny to think straight today.
Okay now Minneapolis.
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New Orleans
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Orlando, FL
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Provo, Utah
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Raleigh, NC
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San Francisco:afrorainb
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Tijuana, Mexico
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I can't think of a U city. Apparently no one else can either cuz we've been stuck on it for hours!

Moving on to V...

V ersailles (I think that's how it's spelled )
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Whistler, BC, Canada
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I have one for U-Union City, New Jersey
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I thought of a U too, Utica!

Of course I'm hopeless for the X city . . .
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Xalapa, Vericruz, Mexico

(OK, I cheated! My husband asked a chat room on his computer and someone from Mexico gave him this city!)
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Yellow Knife

It's in Canada, but I don't remember the province. Saskatchewan maybe? or perhaps Northwest Territories (which I know isn't exactly a province)?
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Hmmmm....I can't think of any cities that start with Z...hmm...
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Zumbrota MN. A small city in Minnesota.

What shall we do next?
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How about movies? All the King's Men
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Beach Blanket Bingo

One of the old Annette Funicello movies
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Dawn of the Dead
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