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What is next? Help I am going thru alphabet withdrawal!
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Hmmmmm ok.... we need something funny..... how about slang words for stuff?? You know like totally made up words that everyone now recognises?!?! Liiiike:

Arse!!! :LOL:
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Chud!! (for chewing gum...)
OR Chuddies!! (as in "Kiss my chuddies" ahhahahaaa :LOL:
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Dipstick (for a stupid person)
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Egghead, for educated person
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fart face
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Goof ball (another name for stupid person)
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Hick (someone who lives in a rural area and is 'socially inept' :tounge2: )
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Idjut - Redneck for Idiot
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Jarhead, for United States Marine
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Klutz - clumsy person
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M Moron!
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Nimcompoop - another name for a stupid person!
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O Obnoxious
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Red Neck
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Skank :laughing:
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goodness! I'm busy for a day and we've moved on to insults!

Let's see, something for U . . .


I guess that's not very insulting . . .
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Allison..I think its supposed to be slang terms that have become well known- we just happen to know more insulting ones ...


:LOL: Gosh I'm starting to hate that...:laughing2
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X-cellent, dude!
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X???? Why do I get X???? :LOL:

Ummm.... Xpealidocious.....you know as in supercalifradulistic.
You know, it's an old song....supercalifradulisticXpealidocious. Don't ask me what it means, even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious!! :LOL:
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OOPS!!! Sorry deb! You hadn't posted yours yet when I hit reply!!

I like yours ALOT better!!! :LOL:
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Hmmmmm....how about City names?

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Boston ( that is a city, right ??? )

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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