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New York, New York
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Omaha, Nebraska
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Peru, Indiana
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Quinte West, ON
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Richmond, B.C.
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St. John's, Newfoundland
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Tisdale, SK
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U tica, Nebraska (worked there at a book bindery during college. Really little town!)
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Valley Stream-New York, a village on Long Island
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I've been waiting for W!

Wahoo , Nebraska
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Xenia OH
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Youngstown, Ohio

and I have one for the letter Z

Zumbro Falls, Minnesota. A small town in Minnesota named after the Zumbro river which runs through it.
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What is next? Are we going to keep going or give up the fight? Somebody pick something - I don't know what I would do without a daily dose of this game!
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Ok... I think we might have done this before... but I can't remeber.....how about fictional characters? Film/book/cartoon.... anything! What you think hmmmm???
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Houseplants, common name or the scientific one
makes and models of cars
kids you went to grade school with
names for a business you want to start
tools / appliances
international holidays
cookie recipe names (and the recipe, maybe?)

I don't know. Movies is fine, I was just trying to think of something we haven't done before, but it's hard to think of categories of things!
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Here's a few more:
Dog breeds
States and countries
Types of animals
Titles of children's books
Names of cats and dogs
Names of people

Wasn't movies done once??????
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I like colours!

Apple green
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B Is For "The Big Hit"
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Daffodil Yellow
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Eggplant. Purple IS my favorite color! :LOL:
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Fire engine Red
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Human flesh tone - lets make it a new crayon colour.
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Hippopotamus Grey ok..that was lame...:laughing:
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Oops posted at the same time...good idea Ady..create new colors! :rainbow:
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Sorry, I'm not as original as y'all!
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Jungle Green
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