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Metamorphosis- noun-change of physical form, structure, or substance, especially by supernatural means. Example: turning into a witch when not smoking or at certain times of the month. :evilalien :disturbed :vampireL: :witch:
See! That's a gradual metamorphosis. I do it regularly!
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no·sol·o·gy Pronunciation Key (n-sl-j, -zl-)
n. pl. no·sol·o·gies

1.The branch of medicine that deals with the
classification of diseases.
2.A classification of diseases.

noso·logi·cal (-s-lj-kl) or noso·logic (-k) adj.
noso·logi·cal·ly adv.
no·solo·gist n.
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a waxlike mineral fossil resin consisting of a mixture of hydrocarbons.It is used in making candles, etc.
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pau·ci·ty Pronunciation Key (pôs-t)

1.Smallness of number; fewness.
2.Scarcity; dearth: a paucity of natural resources.

[Middle English paucite, from Old French, from
Latin paucits, from paucus, few. See pau-1 in
Indo-European Roots.]


\\Pau"ci*ty\\, n. [L. paucitas, fr. paucus few, little: cf. F.
paucit['e] See Few.] 1. Fewness; smallness of number;
scarcity. --Hooker.

Revelation denies it by the stern reserve, the paucity,
and the incompleteness, of its communications. --I.

2. Smallnes of quantity; exiguity; insufficiency; as,
paucity of blood. --Sir T. Browne.


n : an insufficient quantity or number [syn: dearth]

Try your search for "paucity" at:
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quin·tile Pronunciation Key (kwntl, kwntl)

1.The astrological aspect of planets distant from each other by 72° or one
fifth of the zodiac.
2.Statistics. The portion of a frequency distribution containing one fifth
of the total sample.
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ruthÂ:censor:Â:censor:-ful, röth'full, a. Sorrowful or mournful; pitiful or compassionate; exciting sorrow or pity.—ruth-ful-ly, adv.—ruth-ful-ness, n.

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Joe, that is absolutely the sweetest Sylvester I've ever seen!!!

stron-ti-um n. A metallic element symbolized by Sr.
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Thanks, Lorie! Felix and Sylvester are a good team to have on one's side: the clever cat of action and the cat with the heart of gold.



And now, back to the task at hand!
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Terpsichorean: (adj.) Pertaining to the art of dance. (noun) Dancer. From the Greek Muse of Dance, Terpsichore.
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hooked/ a hooked-shaped part
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Devoid of matter; empty.

1)Lacking intelligence; stupid.
2)Devoid of substance or meaning; inane: a vacuous comment.
3)Devoid of expression; vacant:
“The narrow, swinelike eyes were open, no more vacuous in death than they had been in life†(Nicholas Proffitt).
4)Lacking serious purpose or occupation; idle.
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v. To twist or pull away in a violent way.

n. A forcible twist.
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xen·o·phobe Pronunciation Key (zn-fb, zn-)

A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that
which is foreign, especially of strangers or
foreign peoples.
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Yom Kip-pur n. The Jewish holiday observed with fasting and prayer for the forgiveness of sins.
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Yataghan - a dagger like sabre about 2 feet long
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zy-mo-scope n. An instrument that measures yeast's fermenting power.
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So what is next? Word association, cities, colours (example Apple green). Any ideas?
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We could do cities.

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Bolsover, Ontario
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Cambridge, England
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Detroit Michigan
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El Paso, Texas
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Gila Bend AZ
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Hannastown, PA. A very small town with a lot of history- important during the French and Indian War, and featured in many historical novels. About 45 miles east of Pittsbugh.
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Ippawash Ontario or maybe Quebec. Infamous for a police/native Canadian Indian showdown that caused the death of Native Canadian Dudley George - he was shot by police.
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Jacksonville, Florida. The largest city in Florida and one of the 50 largest cities in the United States.
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Knoxville Tennissee
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Leadville, Colorado - Quaint little mountain mining town that was/is home to the Climax mines and has tons of interesting history.
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Marana AZ. AKA: "Moron"a.
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