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(fancy name for the jawbone, hi Bod, you source of inspiration you)

(psst, Sabra, how about Knee?)
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Duhh! Go figure!

Nerve Cells
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at least some of us have them anyway . . .
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Hiya Sunlion!... glad to be of inspiration to you - the most usefull thing I've done all day!! hahaha

Optical nerve
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Oooops sorry!!! Posted at the same time!! Hmmm P..

Pancreas (did we have that last time?!?!?!)
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Yeah, yeah, stick me with Q! Someone else is going to have to answer that one!
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Rear end
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Skin (also known as epidermis)
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Toe nail
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that little hanging thing at the back of your throat
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Ok this is the only one I think I can get away with putting on here ok.... soooo...

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Rhea, that is just too funny! I take it you have something on your mind???????
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Well c'mon!!!!!! hahahahaa!!! I mean what ELSE is there that begins with V?!?!?!??!!? HAhahahahaa

Oh great.... X.... eh....can I totally cheat and say:

Xtra toes?!?!?!?!? Haahahahah
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and of course it's the first thing that comes to mind after uvula, because I had a spelling problem with that myself!
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Hahahahaa!!! Exactly!! I mean sheesh... I came up with Ventricle.... then Vulva...... there aren't any more!!! hahahaha (not that I know of anyway!! hahah) so someone else better take over the "V"'s ok?!?!? hahaha
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Yap - slang for mouth. Ok let's start thinking of something new. How about expanding our vocabulary. Pick a word to expand a vocabulary and post the definition. Alphabetically of course.
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A ltruism - (noun) unselfishness, selflessness
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\\Bal"lis*ter\\, n. [L. ballista. Cf. Balister.] A crossbow.
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cryp·tic Pronunciation Key (krptk) also cryp·ti·cal (-t-kl)

1.Having hidden meaning; mystifying. See Synonyms
at ambiguous.
2.Secret or occult.
3.Using code or cipher.
4.Biology. Tending to conceal or camouflage: cryptic
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n : a calcium blocker (trade name Cardizem) used in treating hypertension or angina of heart failure
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adj. becoming red
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Farrier: (n) horseshoer
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a piece of armor protecting the throat/ a medieval wimple covering the neck and shoulders
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Hedonist- one who gives value only to things that give pleasure. (hedonistic-adjective)
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:laughing:- I've been 'accused' of being a Hedonist! I'm telling you, the hedonistic lifestyle is the way to go! :tounge2:


n. the force which causes a given motion or activity/ a stimulus resulting in increased activity
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Jagghery - imperfectly granulated sugar!!
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Kismet (pronounced kizmet) noun: destiny; fate.
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lap·i·dar·y Pronunciation Key (lp-dr)
n. pl. lap·i·dar·ies

1.One who cuts, polishes, or engraves gems.
2.A dealer in precious or semiprecious stones.


1.Of or relating to precious stones or the art of working with them.
2. a.Engraved in stone.
b.Marked by conciseness, precision, or
refinement of expression: lapidary prose.
c.Sharply or finely delineated: a face with
lapidary features.

[Middle English lapidarie, from Old French
lapidaire, from Latin lapidrius, from lapis,
lapid-, stone.]


\\Lap"i*da*ry\\, n.; pl. Lapidaries. [L. lapidarius, fr.
lapidarius pertaining to stone: cf. F. lapidaire.] 1. An
artificer who cuts, polishes, and engraves precious stones; hence, a dealer in precious stones.

2. A virtuoso skilled in gems or precious stones; a connoisseur of lapidary work.

Lapidary's lathe, mill, or wheel, a machine consisting essentially of a revolving lap on a vertical spindle, used by a lapidary for grinding and polishing.


\\Lap"i*da*ry\\, a. [L. lapidarius pertaining to stone: cf.
F. lapidaire.] 1. Of or pertaining to the art of cutting stones, or engraving on stones, either gems or monuments; as, lapidary ornamentation.

2. Of or pertaining to monumental inscriptions; as, lapidary adulation.

Lapidary style, that style which is proper for
monumental and other inscriptions; terse; sententious.


adj : of or relating to precious stones or the art of
working with them; "the ring is of no lapidary value"-
Lord Byron; "lapidary art" n 1: an expert on precious
stones and the art of cutting and engraving them [syn:
lapidarist] 2: a skilled worker who cuts and engraves
precious stones [syn: lapidist]
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