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Potty training a new kitten! Need help!

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my new kitten, has been recently been pooping on our carpet. He did it one day, my father became really angry, and he did it 4 days in a row, my dad became furious, and scolded it badly, then locked it in the litter box room for half the day. Now he poops in the litter box, AND the carpet, he does both! My father is getting ready to throw him out of the house. and I need help how to make him use the litterbox only.
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Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1) It's really important that the litter box is very clean. Alot of cats would rather poo on the floor than in a dirty box

2) Maybe it doesn't like the type of litter

3) How old is the kitty??..maybe the box is too hard to get into

4) Are there other kitties that use the same litter box


Positive reinforcement...keep placing kitty gently into the litterbox to show her where it is and be patient.

Go to the vet to rule out a medical condition.

Hope that helps out a little bit?
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Its a clean litter box, he can easily get inside of it, heck he can climb on my cough.

Hes about 2 or 3 months old.and I have another cat, now im not sure who poops in where, I dont really watch them poop.
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Do your kitties use the same litter box? If so, maybe two boxes will help. Some cats do not like to share.
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You need to really, really clean the dirty spots on the carpet, and ideally move a piece of furniture or whatever over the spots. Cats can smell things humans can't and will keep coming back to the spot they pottied on earlier as long as the smell is not there. Do NOT use ammonia based cleaners because they smell like urine to a cat.
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I think you need to take him to the vet to rule out any medical problems first
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Hi All!

I was wondering how long it does take for the kittens to totally adapt to litter boxes?

Tiger & Lily *do* use the litter box for pooing, but I noticed they pee on the blanket/towels they sleep on and this morning I caught Tiger peeing on the livingroom carpet.

The cat boxes get changed more than regular with these two, due to the fact that their little poo stinks

Also, after they eat, I do (when I am in the room with them) put them in the litter box to encourage them to pee/poo. We are using the Feline Pine litter and right now Tiger & Lily are the only ones who use the box. My other (older) cats, Opal & Diamond, use the livingroom & kitchen boxes.

Any other suggestions?

Many thanks!
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