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ear mites

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I swear one thing after another... (lol)

My little one, we adopted back in June, he had his check up at the end of July and they checked to make sure he was doing okay. The vet and I were busy talking, and she "checked" him for everything including ear mites. I saw he had coffee ground lookin stuff in his ears, but my bosses cat had it, and the vet told her it was just a wax buildup because his test came back negative. ANYWAY, they took tobies sample and they were really busy, and i never got the results, and i completly forgot to ask what they were.... i looked at his ears tonight and its getting worse....(dont get paid til friday) i am going to call the shelter I got him from to see if they wrote down his test results...I hope they dont charge me for a visit fee...but i dont want my other cat to get infected..if he even has them at all.

what tobie has...

his ears look like dirt all inside them....he doesnt scratch at them but he does shake his head (maybe like once to twice a night) and he has a little bit of a sour smell....

Opinions on this....believe me he will be at the vet saturday morning!
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A good home remedy is to have a little baby oil - or a little oliv-oil, in. A little only- and spread around. The parasites drown and suffocates.

Not any dangerous and free.
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a bad smell from the ears means ear infection. I never knew a cat that had earmites that smelt, so I figure it would be an infection starting from the mites if he has them.

When my cats ears get dirty, I just wipe them out with a peice of kleenex, wrap it around my finger and dive in. If its really dirty I have earcleaner stuff from the vets.

I hope Tobie is okay =)
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My first cat with ear mites had a distinctive odor to his ears and that dirty buildup. My new kitten also has ear mites (but no odor) so my vet has put both my cats (since they can spread) on revolution to take care of the problem.
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Yah, I would take your kitty to the vet...I've seen alot of kittens with earmites (used to work at a shelter) not all of them smelled..could be an infection.
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Vet check
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