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Their coats are lovely and glossy aren't they?!
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Meet Chaplain

And here is Dash

Chaplain likes to hide-
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They are all beautiful MA!!
I'm glad they are with you...poor little sweeties.
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Oh they look sweeter every day
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Cat bed is a bit crowded. They are coming right along

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Awwww, how cute!! I love them!
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Indy checked out the enclosure and approved

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I've been neglecting FurPictures and just look what I missed!! MA, those sweeties are gorgeous and coming along nicely! If you're a stray kitty you can do lots worse than find yourself in MA's Cat Room! -- and not much better!
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They are gorgeous indeed. I missed this thread until this eve, sorry!
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I just love black and white cats How lucky they ended up with you~
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I am sitting here smiling at Indy's progress MA. They are all just adorable.
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Oh my goodness!, look at them all in the same bed
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What a bunch of cuties!!!
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Originally Posted by hissy
Cat bed is a bit crowded. They are coming right along

Oh Cwist! Ok, see now they have to be placed together, can't break up that happy little group!
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they are so precious!
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MA, you have done it again! What a blessing you are to these kitties! Looks like they are settling in nicely. Also, I am glad to hear Scuba and Sonic have found a new home!
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I have broke through to Tipster. He usually runs from me in a panic "Oh NO, here comes that Big Giant Girl, I know she is going to HUUUUUURT me..!" And off he skids into the other room as I feed, water and scoop and clean.

A few days ago, I started going in and just taking power naps on the big pillow we have upstairs. Just laying down, closing my eyes and sleeping.

I woke up to find Tipster perched on my shoulder, watching me intently. I closed my eyes so as not to spook him, and slowly turned on my back. He hung on with is claws, but he rode the human wave. Then, with my eyes still closed (my own trick that I use when I first pet a feral cat) I slowly raised my hand to meet his head. He hissed, but didn't back away and I kept my eyes shut. (it is a matter of trust now) He slid his head under my hand, and I began to pet him still with my eyes shut. We had a petting fest of about 10 minutes. Now, when I go up there, I about trip over him! He follows me everywhere, and demands I pet him. When I am petting India or Chaplain or Dash he runs up to me and moves my hand away like "Hey Pet Me!"

Tomorrow, Oliver and Mateuse go in to be neutered. I plan on leaving the cat door open upstairs and while we are gone, let India and Tipster meet general population. The other two will still be in the room, they need more work- they are highly suspicious of me still-
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"Tomorrow, Oliver and Mateuse go in to be neutered."
They will both be in my prayers MA.
Congratulations on your wonderful progress with Tipster.
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Wishing for the boys to be done and home, and I think that is wonderful re Tipster.
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I knew you could do it if anyone could. Tipster and the others will be eating out of your hand in no time at all! Oliver and Matuse will be in my prayers as well.
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How did Oliver and Mateuse get along today at the vet?
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Awwww MA that was lovely reading about Tipster
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Oliver & Mateuse have been on my mind MA.
I am looking forward to an update about their surgery.
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Wonderful news on your incredible progress with Tipster! Sounds like you've made a forever friend

Hope Oliver and Mateuse are doing well after their surgery.
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They are fine- this is such a routine surgery, I never stress about it. They are home and have had a little bit to eat. They are in the bedroom for now.

I let the four out into general population this morning, and other than hisses and growls we didn't have any major confrontations. I left them out until right before I left to pick up the kits from the vets. Mateuse is really loving right now, he won't get off my lap when I go in there. I left them in the care of snugglekittie-
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Thanks for the good news update MA.
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Great to hear! More pictures please!
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We have full integration into the house now. The two long-hairs- Chaplain and Dash like to hang out in the bedroom window downstairs. Tipster and Indy play in the cat enclosure

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Awwwwwww what little cherubs
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