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I have been taking aka trying to take this stuff.It does help when I get it down..lol.. anyone have hints as to how to get around that awful taste???
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Sorry...not sure if I've ever heard of it...
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I've never heard of it either??
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I do not know what it is either?
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3 drops in orange juice once a day. Don't take it straight, if you mix it in water add a teaspoon of honey- it is quite bitter.
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I need to start taking it...i give it to the kits..but..myself. i should. *eyes her sick self*
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I took a functional foods and neutraceuticals class and am going to venture that you mean Grape seed extract. If so, I have 2 suggestions
1) mix with a sweet fruit juice
2) get it in capsules and swallow away!
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No, it is Grapefruit Seed Extract not Grapeseed Extract-
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