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Bakker the escape artist

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Did I not mention that when I got Bakker he was to be an indoor boy but DH doesn't understand
He is so quick he got out yesterday when Neil came home from work. I didn't realize it for probably 15 minutes!!
Shaking the food container didn't work either but I had an idea we was at one of the "good" neighbor's which he was. Being a blackand white cat he is easy to spot. If I'm outside I don't mind him hanging in the veggie garden with me but he must have followed Bobber over there and is fascinated with new stuff to explorer. The problem I have is those two neighbor's had so much storm damage from a couple of weeks ago they are still cleaning up the debris from the downed trees and one neighbor has more visitors than normal. He could get hurt.
This morning he shot out the door again!!! And he runs but thank goodness he stopped and I could get him before he gets too far!!!
He just sits and stares out the door.

So how can I get him to come to me when he is outside-he runs from me because he knows he going back in. Do I try a harness and leash for some fresh air??? How do I train Neil to stop letting him out
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You could try taking him for walks if he'll tolerate a collar and Leash. Is he neutered?? If not that could be part of the reason he is making runners. My cat still trys to run outside, I have had him for 6 weeks now, but he is slowly giving up. I take him outside to explore within the gates of my apartment building, but my cat won't tolerate a leash, he just bites it. But he doesn't try to get out of the gates. If you have a yard you could take him out and just watch him, hopefully he does stay in the yard. I don't know if they work, but the pet stores sell deterent sprays, to stop cats from going near unwanted areas. They are a citrus blend spray, which they say cats don't like, I don't know if they work, but you could try spraying it around the door that he makes his escapes. They only cost about $3-$4. Good Luck!!!
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Bella always rushed the door, until I brought home Rowan. Either he told her how awful it is out there, or she's better entertained inside, so she doesn't need to go out.

If you're not up for a second cat, I've always found that the best way to get a cat to come is to train them to come when you shake a tin of treats. I know that some people don't believe in supermarket treats, but any brand that comes in a plastic container will make a nice sound when it's shaken. If you shake it every time you give your kitty a treat, he'll learn after a couple times that the sound means cookies!

Even my very wild cat always came when she heard that sound.

Edit: While it's recommended that you not smack kittens when they've been bad, a little swat to the DH might just work.
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