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Emily Plays Again

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My 8 year old calico emily has been very withdrawn this last week, since we lost Carmen. Emily and Carmen had been very close.

However, for the first time since Carmen died, Emily wanted to play tonight, so I chucked a bag of capnip at her and watched the chaos that developed.

It was great to see
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What a sweetheart Emily is!!, how old is she?
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Eight years old, total lapcat, very very affectionate. She's lovely.
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How adorable, love her coloring!! Wonderful that she is happy again
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Aww, she's a beauty!! Poor little girl, missing her friend. It must be great to see her happy!!
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im glad shes coming out of her shell. poor girl. what a great treat for her too Catnip!!!
Great pictures
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How exciting it is when a furbaby is sick or sad.... and they start to play again!!

I can imagine how happy you are!!
By the way.... she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

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It's been said, but I'll say it again...she is beautiful! Warms my heart to see her playing again.
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Emily is so beautiful! i know how you feel... the 1st time Pixel brought me a ball to throw after Mouse left, i knew she was on the road to recovery... i'm so glad Emily's feeling better!
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Bless her heart Gareth Hopefully with your TLC Emily can get back to normal quickly

She certainly looked like she enjoyed her catnip though
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She is a beautiful cat. By the way, the rug she is laying on is very pretty too.
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Oh she is so lovely and how thrilling it must have been to see back to her old self!
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It did bring a tear to my eye, in all honesty.
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