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The boys have giardia!

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Well, I knew my two poor rescue lads had just about everything but I have got back from my break to find that vet Haris has done another fecal test and they are now on metronidazole (Medazol) for giardia. I am worried as hell as it is so passable, and they have not been 100% isolated from my three girls, due to the ignorance of my housemates. I brought back two FIV/FeLV test kits from France and they will have that test tomorrow, but since I have read that immuno-compromised cats have a higher chance of developing clinical giardia I am just hoping they will be negative. Does anyone have any experience of giardia being passed around? At least I know now why their poo was so smelly, I have never seen or smelt anything like it. Should I ask Haris for treatment for the other cats too, just in case? Please think good thoughts for them for tomorrow and the tests - I do so hope they are OK.
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Oh Jenny!, if it doesn't rain but it pours

I thought the boys were going to stay with someone else while you were away?!.

I'm sending(((((healthy vibes))))) over for all of them though!
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I picked them up from their foster home this afternoon and got the news. But before I went away they were here of course, and in the same room with my girls several times, even using the same litter tray when I wasn't watching - my housemates let them all play together.Tonight their poo seems much better, properly formed and not foul smelling, and they are definitely improved over the last ten days, which is good. Haris also neutered them. But Napoleon is still well behind his brother on size and appetite, and is not as active. Wellington is going to be a really sweet affectionate cat - he came running as soon as he heard my voice calling him in my friend's flat, leapt up at me and purred fit to bust. I was amazed he remembered me even! He has been lying on my arm most of the time since. Napoleon is quieter and more independent - he tolerated being picked up and sat on me for a bit, then went and made a nest in the linen cupboard in my room. But I think he is not yet feeling right - his fur is still staring a bit. I am scared for him and the tests tomorrow.
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Awwww bless their little hearts Thats lovely that Wellington recognised you as well

I really hope and pray their all ok tomorrow Jenny and i'll look out for your post with an update
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What else could those little two have that yet???
I'm not familiar with giardia but glad that they are doing better!!
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Keeping my fingers crossed for them. Giardia is nasty stuff, I've had two cats that came to me with it, one had it & didn't spread it thankfully.

The second cat turned out to be a giardia carrier, caused a lot of fuss and fiddle when she gave it to all the other cats in the home I placed her in. She had been isolated while with me.

The cats at this home were finally cleared of it but it did take some work and several treatments.
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Oh no... I hope Wellington and Napolean are fine and don't have giardia, whatever that is... Haven't heard of that either. Good thoughts and vibes going out to those 2 and your other cats... keep us updated!
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Good news on several fronts. They are FIV/FeLV negative! That is a big relief. Their stools are almost back to normal and don't stink any more, so the tablets for the giardia are working, and another couple of days and they should be fine. Only I know it can recur so we will have to watch it. And I have two families who might be interested in taking them, and will come round to see them this weekend!
A bit of gossip - my catsitter Alisa told me she thought the vet, Haris was 'very cute - a dish' and this evening when Haris delivered the cats back to me the first thing he asked was how Alisa was! So I must work something out.....
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and on your working out an introduction for your vet and your catsitter
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Jenny - Lily was having tummy issues for a while and the Vet strongly suspected Giardia. It was never confirmed because at the stage in the cycle when we took her in she thought it would need to show up in a blood test. The fecal test came up negative although the symptoms persisted. We don't know how she got it as she is an indoor only kitty.

On the Vet's instructions we gave her a mega dose of Panacur (worming stuff) every day for 5 days, which is the standard treatment apparently and it worked wonders. Lily's tummy returned to normal; normal consistency stools and no blood. Still smells though

She didn't pass it to the other kitties.

Good luck with your two - I hope they get better soon.
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Jenny thats brilliant news!!!
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