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I have created a lap monster!

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When I got Marat back in May, he was a sweet kitty. He wasn't crazy about being held, did not want to just lay around on your lap, but would come whenever I was sitting for some petting, before going off on his next adventure. He also did not like being brushed at all. I have read some great advice here and elsewhere online about doing such things at cat massages, as well as not forcing yourself on the cat. Also always leave the cat wanting more by giving affection but stop before he leaves. I credit the zoom groom with the change in his attitude for grooming. He loves it now, and will lay and purr the whole time, never leaving until I put up the zoom groom. I knew nothing about the zoom groom before TCS. I just wanted to say thanks to you all for the information. I've had to stop twice while typing this post just to give him some kitty love, since he is so affectionate now. Thanks everyone.

Anyone else seen a kitty makeover from aloof to lap kitty?
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Awwww thats lovely to hear Sophies the snuggle bun between her and Rosie and i love it
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I would love it if Sophie Grace would suddenly become a lap kitty! She's so aloof sometimes, I feel as if I have to beg HER for some love time!
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My former feral, Cassi, was friendly, but painfully timid when she moved in.
She'd sit across the room from you, and do cute kitty stuff, but would bolt if you even looked like you were coming toward her.

Now she'll sing and trill, and chirp and chatter and beg, no, demand attention.
She'll flop over for belly rubs, lick fingers, give headbutts (even to the dog), she just lives for attention, even if it's only someone talking to her.
She's no lap cat, and still freaks out when picked up, but she's really come a long way in 4 short months.
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If we are talking about turnarounds, I posted this a few months back

Just thought I'd pop my head in and tell you a little tale about my most recent addition to the family. I live with my wife in the UK and we were daft enough to move to a lovely little village that, unfortunately, contained an animal rescue shelter. Putting me near suffering animals was not the best idea, it drives me insane thinking about them being locked up and alone.

Anyway, we moved there just over two years ago, and within a week I was walking around the place. There were lots of cats, and dogs, but I was taken by one that had been recently brought in after being abused and neglected. It was the most amazing sight. She was called "belle" and had been regularly beaten and starved. 16 months old, she looked like a total mess. She had massive behaviour issues, would attack anything that moved, including humans, and then run away and hide, and reappear covered in urine and extrement only when food brought her out. The moment I saw her, I knew there was no way I was leaving her there. My wife looked at me and knew there was no question about it. The staff really didn't want us to take her - she was a genuine danger to other animals and people.

We knew it was bad when we had to pay for a vet to sedate her through the bars of the cage to get her out. She was foaming at the mouth, and making sounds that were, frankly, very frightening indeed.

I remember trying to get her from out behind the washing machine two minutes after we got home, wearing thick clothes, gardening gloves and using a long stick.

After that day we had two years of having to watch her jump at the slightest noise, becoming unexpectedly violent and aggressive towards us and the other cats, and foaming at the mouth with stress the moment the door bell rings.

Then one day it all changed. I woke up and these was a black furry lump lying around my head on the pillow, and serious purring going on in my ear. I was nervous about breathing, being used to her lunging at people's eyes if given the chance, but when I did look at her, it was like looking at a different cat. Affectionate, friendly to the other cats, and a delight to have, the change happened quite literally overnight.

To this day, she can get scared very easily, but when she is, she runs to me. Few things in life are as rewarding as seeing a frightened animal run towards you for protection, and it certainly instills the notion that anyone that trys to hurt her now had better be ready to defend themselves.

The one thing I have learned through this is converting a frightened animal into one that trusts you takes dedication, care, and patience. We re-christened her "Anya" when she turned the corner, and now is the perfect companion, playing with the other cats without a care in the world, and following us around like a new born kitten, often refusing to leave us, following us into the car when we try to go to work. I guess the other thing I have learned is having animals as companions is a privledge, and some people simply do not deserve that priviledge.

Since I made that post Anya has become ever more of a lovely cat, and a total turnaround from the monster she was when we crossed paths.
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...whats zoom groom?
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Oh Gareth. That is so sweet. It is wonderful you took the chance on her. Sounds like it was difficult, but now it is all worth it. I can just see her running to you when scared. I'm sure that must just melt your heart. I can't imagine anyone beating and starving a pet.
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Originally Posted by RinaDaventry
...whats zoom groom?
GASP!!! Only the greatest cat brush ever. You simply must try it if your cat is a short hair. It doesn't work as well on long haired kitties I believe. You can get them at petsmart.


More posts about it here http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...ght=zoom+groom

and here http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54817
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Originally Posted by MaratWC
Anyone else seen a kitty makeover from aloof to lap kitty?
Pixel didn't become a lap kitty until after she was about 5... up till then, Mouse was my lap cat. Pixel began choosing to snuggle, selecting a different spot than Mouse, who was top cat. she has not been too happy that Cable likes the same spot she does! Cable will actually sit on top of Pixel, at which point Pixel moves [can't say as i blame her]. i've tried teaching Cable to choose a different lap area, but she's stubborn! and while Java likes the loving, & is the only one to give me kitty kisses, she almost never sits on my lap...but she is still young, & might change in later life like Pixel did. Pixel does snuggle with me more since Mouse [her snuggly sis] went to the bridge.
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Doh! Josie runs from me if I'm holding anything resembling a brush. I was debating between the zoom groom or grooming gloves. I bought the gloves. Guess I'll have to go back and buy the zoom groom too. She's an aloof cat and I wish I had a lap monster. Maybe it'll work its magic on her?
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