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Another victim of flu reporting! My flu remedy consists of fresh thyme and garlic. Pour some boiling water on them, cover the mug with ie a tea plate, let it be for about 15 minutes. Drink the "tea" and eat the thyme and garlic if you can. Aguess you could also put some honey in it. Get well soon!
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My boyfriend is really sick at the moment, went and spent the day with him. I bet I'll be as sick as a dog tomorrow. Hope you're feeling better soon.
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i cant do garlic....nope cant...makes me ill. I am doing a little better today. But not as good as I had hoped. LOL

ah well. been cuddleing with the critters, and i have the day off today
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Somehow the critters seem to make even the worst sickness a bit more barable.
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Yeah they do! I love cuddleing with them. although the dogs are bed hogs
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how ya feeling now? I love it when my cats cuddle up to me when I'm sick!
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Try ecchinacia tablets. They're a herbal cold and flu remedy you can find pretty much anywhere... healthfood stores, some chemists, sometimes even the supermarkets. Because it's herbal, you can take other pain relief and stuff as well, and you're not filling your bosy with all the chemical goop we tend to these days. It's relavtively fast (usually had colds for about a week. 2 weeks - if I start taking the tablets when the cold starts, I don't even get anything more than a sniff for a day or two) I know it sounds pretty unlikely, but it does work, believe me. I haven't had a cold since I started taking it in February.

Oh yeah, and take some time out and put your feet up!

Get well soon!
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Poor chicky.
My fave remedy is 3 tblspns Cider Vinger, juice of one lemon, hot water and honey to sweeten.
Great for sore tummy's and head colds.
I add a little Southern Comfort for "flavor" myself, can't do that while I'm preggy
That and lots of chicken noodle soup
Put together with a cozy sofa, a good video, a blanket and hot water bottle, you'll be in sickie heaven
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Sorry you arent feeling well!

My turn for a remedy - I not only drink it when I'm sick, Ijust love drinking it anytime LOL

Freshly squeezed lemon with a spoonful of honey and hot water. I had the flu recently and I stole some lemons from the neighbour's tree that is hanging over my parents fence and used those. The flu only lasted 2 days and I was much better that quickly!

I hope you feel better soon!
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charlies coming down with a cold and sore throat,so no doubt ill be following behind him i normally have the flu jab each year with helps alot as last time i had flu i collapsed
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Hope you are feeling a lot better today No advice on a flu remedy. I haven't actually had the flu in over 10 years. I don't know how but I haven't.

* holds up fingers to make a cross*
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thanks for the remedys guys. I have been drinking alot of tea. feeling a bit better today. still bla and sniflly but better. I am gonna try to go do my demo job today. Its only four hours.

The animals have been great LOL. all day i had two dogs and most of the ctas on the bed. I wish steve would have been home to take a photo. He did give athena a bath for me to make her all pretty to go today
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I feel your pain, I am sooo sick too My fever broke over night and I woke up dripping w.sweat but slept in for work so I couldn't take a shower now I feel stinky. It is so hard for me to talk today but I have to. I wish I had sick days at work, this is so hard to do
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