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Yeah, I agree with Sunlion!!! Don't do it all at once...I'm going to get a perm in my hair...I know I'm going to love it too! Not one of those tight perms, but one that will just make my hair nice and full...with curl...I love curl and it just makes it sexier! haha
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I grew my hair for 2 yrs for my wedding. I have very fine hair that kept getting knots in it. After my wedding (that night) I had a knot the size of my fist at the base of my skull. It was horrible. ! wk later I walked into a hairdresser on a whim when I was at the mall & cut off 14 inches. It felt wonderful. I no longer have long hair, but it is not short either. It is about shoulder length right now - easy to leave down, but I can still pull it back. It is best of both worlds!
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Well, I have very thick and very curly hair. Once it goes past my shoulders it becomes a tangled mess, not to mention very time consuming. I like to keep it at chin legnth, it looks nice either up or down and it doesn't take too long to dry.

I love long hair ( when I was in HS I always had it long ), but to me its not worth the aggravation of having to keep up with it.
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I am taking my Grangfather out for dinner at one of the best Thai restaurants in Dubai. He is really looking forward to it I also received the hugest bouquet of flowers from my beau - just wish it were he and I going out tonight!
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I was keeping my hair about shoulder length for the longest time. It is really thick. Hairdressers always tell me I have enough hair for 3 people. In October, I let a new stylist have a crack at it. I told her I wanted something that would work for my hair. After a couple of interim cuts to get used to it, it's short now. I can't believe how easy it is to take care of. She is a great stylist, though. She says, "Don't ever ask me to do the same things twice in a row." It's like getting a surprise every month. And I was very ANTI- getting my hair cut short.
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Nothing for me this year The other day he asked when it was, & I told him ..... his response "how are we supposed to get something for each other?" It makes me mad, and sad in a way because when I didn' have boyfriends in high school, I always hated Valentine's Day ..... Now, I am married & never know if I'm going to get something. Oh, and last year .... he did get me something, but told me he had to go out & get something! Anniverseries are the same thing: We haven't gone out since our 1st & 2nd one ..... I told him in September (we were married on 09/20/97) last year, what's the point of being married if we cannot even go out and celebrate it? Then he asks me when I WANT to go ... So, it's discouraging for me..... Oh, well.

As for hair, mine is about 2 inches or so passed my shoulders & I get it cut in long layers .... It's starting to get to the point AGAIN where it knots up every day at the ends. Time to go get it trimmed, again. hehe:tounge2:
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Tigger, I sure sympathize.

Actually, in our house it's the other way, hubby is usually all sentimental and I'm more likely to forget or blow it off because I think it's not a big deal. Over time, he has gotten less expressive probably because my lack of expression is discouraging to him.

What I have learned is, when he doesn't make a fuss, I'm disappointed. So sometimes I have to take the initiative and work at it instead of waiting for him. We haven't the money to do much anything this year, but in the past I've sent him flowers or brought him his favorite lunch at work or stuff like that. To me, it's a big expensive nuisance, but to him it's love.

Anyway, I'm thinking, have you talked to hubby about this when you aren't upset? It's really hard to concentrate on what someone is telling us when they're all emotional - we tend to react to the emotions instead of responding to content - so I find it best to bring things up again later. Because maybe he doesn't understand that you feel so rejected and disappointed when he lets things slide by. Sounds like you need to talk about the importance of holidays and their significance to each of you.

At least it looks like he's willing to work with you, just isn't much of a self-starter. Maybe you are going to have to give him a wish list for birthdays, anniversarys, etc. Or have that discussion with him, "What do you want to do for (insert holiday) next week? My best day would be . . ." or "For my birthday,, I'd really like it if you'd do this . . ." It might not be romantic in the sense of him reading your mind or somehow magically knowing what you want, but it's a darn sight better than feeling neglected. Some people just aren't as imaginative or expressive as others and need a little assistance.

I assume he loves you and wants you to be happy. Telling him what makes you happy might be too practical to be romantic, but he'll never know if you don't tell him.
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He sent me an e-valentine card ..... it was cute, though. I brought it up & he said why should he spend $1.00 on a card to show his appreciation & that he didn't want to spend $60 on flowers. Oh well........
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Well, hubby is doing a very nice job this year! When he got home this morning he brought me a dozen roses, those pinky/peachy colored ones, and put them in a vase for me. They smell so good! Then he says "you know we're going out to eat tonight." Well when I got to work this morning there was another dozen roses waiting from me at work with two balloons (just like last year)! I tell ya, he really knows how to do Valentine's Day!
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Sabra - How sweet! Sounds like you've actually got one of the romantic ones!

My husband and I agreed not to get each other anything, but of course I cheated. He sent me an email valentine's card, and I'm going to make him a card on the computer (I have one of those Greeting Card programs). Plus I got him a sexy board game and a photo book, which I filled up with pictures of us since when we started dating. I thought he could take that to work.
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Dawn, you are so creative! I can never think of imaginative things to do for hubby. I told him this year I wouldn't be able to do much for him (no $$$) but he said that's okay, Valentine's day is about me. I don't think that's fair, I like doing stuff for him too it's just so much more difficult for me to figure out something to do for him than it is the other way around.
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My husband thinks Valentine's Day is just another day. I haven't gotten anything from him on this day since (WAIT ! WHAT YEAR IS THIS ) ??????? THE ONLY FLOWERS I GOT WAS WHEN WE FIRST MET.



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Russ and I haven't even discussed it yet.  He has given me gifts in the past but I don't want anything, going out to dinner would be nice tho.  I would be happy just with that.

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