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Eating at night

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I have noticed that here lately when i wake up in the middle of the night, i feel like i "have" to eat something...several times at night too...whether it be just a few nibbles of food or a bowl of cereal. This has been a recent thing..but i cant seem to break the habit! Anyone else do this?
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I have done it is the past & it leads to weight gain.
Is there a possibility that your blood sugar is dropping at night so you wake up hungry or do you think that you are eating because of emotional reasons.
You need to find out because eating at night will put on extra weight.
That can become a vicious cycle. I hope that your find answers soon.

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I really dont know but i can definatly tell i have put on some wieght since this started. How did you break the cycle?
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Maybe try to eat something with protein about an hour or two before bed and then keep increasing the time before bed until you can have dinner then dessert and be okay for the night.
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You could try eating a *slow burn* snack before bed - like a bannana or a small microwaved potato(plain or a bit of cottage cheese). Is there a reason why you have been waking up so much? do you need to cut back on caffiene? You could switch to tea or even better, a non caffiene drink in the evenings as you approach your bedtime.

If this is not a normal thing for you to feel, keep in mind it may be a warning sign from your body. It never hurts to check with your doctor.

You could also try keeping some fruit handy beside the bed, as well as a bottle of water so at least if you feel like snacking it is not so bad.
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u havent got worms have you?? (only kidding LOL)
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YOu need to get your blood sugar checked. My sister was having this problem. We were staying at her son's for the weekend and I was asleep on the sofa in the living room. In the early morning hours like one to two am. she came out of her room and into the kitchen, which joined the living room. She opened the fridge, found left over spaghetti, heated it up and proceeded to have a meal. I told her something was wrong and she went to the dr, That is when she discovered she had sugar problems.
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I dont drink anything but one cup of coffee in the morning and water for the rest of the day. I have always had sleep problem (waking up alot, not being able to fall back asleep, restless etc.) but its only within the past month or so that i've been waking up and wanting something to eat. After i nibble i fall right back alseep...i know i have got myself into this awful habit. In the morning i feel so guilty and really regret everything. So i went out and bought some grapes...i eat about 4 of those and i'm completly satisfied. AND i feel less guilty eating grapes instead of other junk i can find!

I appreicate everyones advice.
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