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Need help - male cat spraying.

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Hello, I'm usually over in the kitten and pregnancy board but now I have a question for you experts over here in behavior.

A little background: I own 2 cats, GrosMinou (male, neutered, 13yrs old) and a Tisha (female , spayed, 9 yrs old). We are fostering 2 momma cats and their respective kittens. I started fostering in early august. The fosters are kept downstairs but one of the mamma's jumps the baby gate and comes upstairs. Our cats can go where thy want which is mostly outside (fenced in backyard) or upstairs.

About 2 weeks ago, GrosMinou started spraying. He sprayed the patio door, the corner of my daughter's dresser and my least favorite spot: ME !! He woke me up at 4am this morning spraying my arm while I slept, he did that once before and he's sprayed my foot once while I was brushing my hair.

It's getting annoying...

I assume it's because he's getting jealous of the attention the foster's are getting. And if that's the case, I should try and give him more affection. He's not terribly affectionate so that might be tricky, I'll annoy him more than reassure him.

Anyone have any ideas ? Getting woken up at all hours with a warm and stinky spray is not my idea of a good nights sleep... Not to mention having to wash the sheets and down comforter...

HELP !!!
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Have you seen the ideas in this thread? (click here)

The first thing to do is take him to a vet to rule out urinary problems. Any time a neutered adult starts spraying, that's usually the cause.

If the vet gives him a clean bill of health, then you can start addressing behavioral possibilities.
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Oh man... It was a sticky post too ! I feel like such a lazybones for posting this without even looking around first !!

Thank you for directing me in the right place !

(Odd how I can spend HOURS searching old posts looking for answers on cat pregnancy and delivery and totally miss the search on this one...)
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Don't worry - a lot of people miss the stickies for some reason.

Keep us posted on your boy.
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Originally Posted by tuxedokitties
Keep us posted on your boy.
Well, I read through the thread and I've ordered some feliway. Won't get it for a few weeks though. I hope my patience lasts that long... Today, GrosMinou jumped up on me while I was sitting at the computer like he usually does so I can pet him. Instead of settling down to be petted, he turned and sprayed me...


This is 4 times (on me) now... My king size down duvet is at the dry cleaners and I had to wash down all the bedding in the middle of the night because of his last spraying. He was aiming at my arm and got it, the sheets and the duvet.

Anyone know of a good source of aluminum clothing ? I'm thinking of investing in tin foil pyjamas... What does feliway smell like ? Seems like I'll have to wear it for the next month. Eau de Feliway !

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You really cant smell it, it doesn't smell like anything. the cats smell it. someone else can explain it better or google it. it usually helps though. Why won't you get it for a few weeks?

You are going to take your cat to the vet right? It sounds like a UTI to me or else a jealousy issue, could have been a jealousy issue that stress him out so much that he got a UTI. Please take him to the vet.
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I think it is related to all the hormones in your house. I wonder if your Momma fosters are in heat?

Try Petsmart, I think you can buy the Feliway spray there. You definitely don't want to wait and have him establish this habit.

Maybe you can't foster kittens if it upsets him too much. Or maybe if they are totally locked separate from him? Best of luck!
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Petsmart has it however I am in Canada and the nearest PetSmart is in Ottawa (2 hour drive). I'll order it on ebay and buy some next time I'm in Ottawa. No one else carries it around here. - heck, no ones even heard of it !

Momma #1's kitties are 8 weeks old so I suppose she might be going back in heat. However, from my limited knowledge of this (since he's been spayed for 11 years), he should be spraying in locations to attract the female. Not on me ...

Spoke to the vet, although no tests have been done we've pretty much ruled out a UTI. He "sprays" not "pees" (as in several inches up on the wall, or on me !). It's definately territorial. Vet suggested anti-depressants but before trying that, I'll try the feliway. Also, I'm going to try separating everyone better. Keep my cats upstairs and the fosters downstairs and see if that helps. I'll have to completely change my clothes before hopping into bed too (change into my foil PJ's ). Tonight, I will put him in a separate room since foster family #1 were all upstairs throughout the day.

Thanks for the help !
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Honestly, I think you should go to the vet & insist on getting your cat's urine tested - if he doesn't want to do it, perhaps you should try another vet.

My mom had an adult neutered male cat some time ago who suddenly started spraying, and in his case it did indeed turn out to be a urinary tract issue. Oreo, one of our adult neutered male cats, always sprays when he pees - we have to use very high-sided litterboxes because he pees so high.

As far as behavioral measures go it sounds like you're on the right track, but I really think it's best to rule health issues out with an actual test - for your boy's sake and for your own.

I hope this is solved for you soon!
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You're right. I'll give them a call.

I'll keep you posted !
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