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New Pictures of Stormy

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Loves the toddler rocking chair.

Our dog Daisy!! Shes not so sure what she thinks about this little strange animal who is allowed all over the house while shes stuck in the kitchen.lol

Stormy in her condo.....

Eating her food.

My almost 2 year old and Stormy.......He thinks its the coolest thing just to sit by her. Stormy has claimed his pooh chair as her bed.lol
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All your kids are just beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks Helen.
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You weren't lying when you said she'd be spoiled

I love older homes, so I must comment on your lovely hardwood floor and baseboards.
I live in a fairly new condo......I hate the floors.
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Arlyn....she is most defiently spoiled.lol My 9 year old cant put her down and holds her for almost all Stormys naps.lol Makes me worry a little, but for now I think its Ok. Thanks for the compliments on our home. I love older homes as well. I would love to be living out in the country somewhere but if I have to live in the city this house makes it liveable. My favorite thing is the big built in china cabinets with a window seat......love that.
I think I have a few more pictures too.....gonna go check
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They are both darling!
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Her bathing herself.

Stormy and her mom before we took her home.

My 9 year old loving her.

Enjoy and thanks for looking.
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Ok I apologize ........those are HUGE!!! The first ones were done with my daughters digital and the last ones with my JUNKY camera so hers are much better......again sorry.
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Awwwww......I fixed it. Still learning.......
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I have the same kittens. What breed are they?
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Breed?? I dont know.lol Shes just a grey/black and white kitten....a tabby. Her mom is a calico and her dad is all black.
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Actually her white isent really white......more of a tan yellow.
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Cool - how old is she?
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They are all beautiful! The Pooh chair looks like a good place for a nap to me!!!
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Stormy is just gorgeous!
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What a cutie!
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Ok some new pictures of stormy playing with the toys on the cat condo. She just figured out how to get up on the next level of the condo.

Falling asleep after playing.
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Stormy looks like she is having alot of fun!
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those pictures are just priceless! so cute
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Thanks everyone!!
Zoggy she is almost 7 weeks old.....And such a good baby.
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